CW’s ‘The Flash’ Season 1: Finale Happenings, Season 2, Who Died, Who Returns [Spoilers]

The Flash, CW network’s second hit comic book TV adaptation, went out with a bang. The finale tied up most of the loose ends, laid out Reverse-Flash’s entire Season 1 plans, and had the most open ending of almost any show to date.

Supergirl, which the Inquisitr recently reported on, cannot be judged yet because it is still upcoming. However, unlike its spin-off comic book show cousin Arrow, it did not have a neat and tidy ending.

So, what happen? Well… Warning, spoilers will be from here on out. If you did not see the finale, or are waiting to binge watch the CW show, turn around and head to your nearest streaming service first.

As IGN points out, the Flash Season 1 finale was definitely the most emotional episode of the season. Reverse-Flash/Harrison Wells/Eobard Thawne present Barry with a choice, and to no one’s surprise, it was to travel back in time to save his mother and let Reverse-Flash head home.

It was an episode that gave us little teases throughout, like old-school Flash’s, Jay Garrick’s, helmet that came flying out of a wormhole that Reverse-Flash was going to use to travel home in. Reverse-Flash reveals to Cisco, in their discussion about Cisco’s residual memory of Thawne/Wells killing, him that he is secretly a meta human as well. Although it was not revealed what character he is, many believe he is going to become the DC Comics character Vibe in Season 2.

Crisis on Infinite Earth’s comic book story arc was again mentioned, but was the focus of the plot rather than just a tease.

Two people died in Flash’s finale, Forbes mentioned one of them. First, Nora Allen died again. Yes, after all that, the Flash’s mother still dies. As he geared up to save her, his future Justice League self stopped him with a head shake.

Though, He did get a chance to chat with her. This led to the Flash flying back through time to stop a wormhole/black hole from swallowing up Central City and the whole world and foil Reverse-Flash’s return home.

Flash versus reverse-flash fight

However, the Flash proved not “fast enough” to beat Reverse-Flash, but the latter did not “always win.” Eddie Thawne, distant Eobard Thawne relative, sacrificed his life for the Flash by dramatically putting a bullet in his chest. It was not quite the ending everyone expected, and some did not expect to see Reverse-Flash taken out, but it was, as Andrew Kreisberg stated, a “satisfying” ending — although, Reverse-Flash/Harrison Wells/Eobard Thawne actor Tom Cavanagh will return in Season 2 as a regular.

All of this would have been enough, but as a consequence of the Flash’s time travel experiment, the wormhole/black hole has not closed. It sucked up parts of Star Labs and Eddie Thawne. It could take all of Central City, and possibly the world. The Flash had to spin like a top in the air to close it, but the finale is over before he finished. Fade to black, and the CW’s The Flash Season 1 was over.

With a show like this particular CW show, and its ability to change and travel through time, anything is possible. However, we do know Tom Cavanagh will return, as will Killer Frost (Caitlin Snow) and Vibe (Cisco Ramon) — and more Flash characters are confirmed to be heading to Season 2.

Oh, also — the CW Flash/Arrow spin-off, Legends of Tomorrow, is still coming in the fall. The future of CW’s The Flash is anybody’s guess, unless you can also tap into the speed force.

So, what are your thoughts on CW’s The Flash Season 1, and the finale?

[Image via YouTube Screenshot / CW]