Jaden Smith Attends Prom As White Batman With Date Mecca Kalani

Jaden Smith is not your typical teenager, and the young actor made that clear again with his unconventional fashion choice during his prom. While other young men his age opt for a suit and tie, Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith’s son decided that a superhero suit was the perfect outfit for such a memorable occasion.

Arriving with his date Mecca Kalani, Jaden wore a coat and tie number to cover up his superhero ensemble. However, a cape could be seen peeking out the back of his coat, indicating that the young actor had another outfit beneath.

However, as the evening progressed, Jaden took off his coat, revealing a sleek, all-white superhero suit complete with full body armor and chiseled abs. His outfit resembled Batman’s suit, the only difference was the color. And while his suit couldn’t protect him from a speeding bullet unlike Bruce Wayne’s, it sure attracted media attention.

Cnet, for one, is raving about Jaden’s superhero suit and they can’t wait to see what his next outfit will be. In a recent article, they wrote, “Looks like Gotham has a new fashionable superhero. We can’t wait to see where Superhero Jaden shows up next.”

Batman News revealed an interesting bit of information about the Smith family which could explain Jaden’s fascination with the superhero. They pointed out that being a Batman fan must run in the Smith clan, “Will Smith stars in Suicide Squad as Deadshot next year, Jada Pinkett Smith starred as Fish Mooney in Gotham, and their son Jaden just attended his prom in a custom white Batsuit.”

This is not the first time that Jaden wore his superhero suit. Last year, he wore the same ensemble to the Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s wedding. He also used it for Comic-Con in 2014.

jaden smith kimye wedding2

Aside from this white Batman suit, Jaden is also famous for his “all black attire.” Clearly, the young actor has a habit of not changing his outfits often. However, as always, Jaden has an intelligent explanation for it. In an interview last March, he said, “Einstein didn’t really like to change clothes because he had too much other stuff to worry about and I’m the same.”

[Main image by Kevin Smith, Getty Images, Image 2 via YouTube]