Becca Tilley Congratulates Kaitlyn Bristowe While Andi Dorfman Asks Her For A Date

Becca Tilley couldn’t contain her excitement upon hearing that Kaitlyn Bristowe beat out Britt Nilsson on The Bachelorette. On Tuesday, before she even watched the episode for herself, Becca reacted to the news, spread on the Internet, that Kaitlyn had won. Becca congratulated Kaitlyn, who apparently has a “nugface” nickname.

Becca had yet to watch the episode because she was back in the West Coast after attending a premiere viewing party in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Becca attended the party, hosted by franchise alum Michelle Money, with Ashley Iaconetti and Samantha Steffen.

Becca, Ashley, and Samantha all competed for Chris Soules on The Bachelor. While Ashley and Samantha made early exits, Becca made it all the way to the finale, where she ultimately lost out to Whitney Bischoff after admitting to Chris that she couldn’t give him what he needed and wanted.

In addition to congratulating Kaitlyn Bristowe, Becca Tilley also retweeted a tweet from former Bachelorette Andi Dorfman. In the tweet, Andi, whose relationship with Josh Murray ended early this year, jokingly asked Kaitlyn for some help in getting a date.

Becca asked for some date help as well.

In her People blog, posted after Monday night’s episode, Kaitlyn Bristowe said that it wasn’t easy knowing that either her or Britt Nilsson was going to go home on the first night.

“Enter Chris Harrison. Like I said, it’s all fun and games until Chris Harrison walks into the room. He announced that a vote would have to be made. I can’t describe the feeling in that moment. Excitement, shock, horror, nerves … you name it, I felt it. Waiting around to learn your fate (while being reminded how great the guys are) is emotionally exhausting. Either way this was going to go, I knew it would be hard. I like Britt. I don’t want anyone’s feelings to get hurt. Everyone deserves love, and knowing one of us would feel heartbreak again made me sick to my stomach.”

On night two of the two-night The Bachelorette premiere, Britt was immediately told that she was not chosen by the majority of the men. A stunned Britt admitted that she “didn’t see that coming at all.”

“I just really felt like I met of really amazing people. It felt really right. I’m just very surprised. I really wanted it.”

Britt Nilsson now seems to be handling the whole thing well. After a portion of the country saw the outcome of the vote, Britt posted a verse from the Bible, saying to pray more and worry less.

[Photo by Jason Merritt / Getty Images]