‘Once Upon A Time’ Spoilers: Will Hook Save Emma Or Join Her?

Warning: This article may contain spoilers for Once Upon A Time.

When the Once Upon A Time season finale closed, it left off with Emma’s fate in question. Well, not really in question. Fans of Once Upon A Time know exactly what happens when a person is consumed by the Dark One, but it does raise some interesting questions about what might become of Once Upon A Time‘s primary heroine. After all, can someone fated to be Storybrooke’s Savior ever really be permanently consumed by evil and darkness.

It’s been said that Emma Swan, consumed by the Dark One’s magic, will be the worst villainOnce Upon A Time has ever seen, and some fans are hinting that the easily corruptible Hook will be only too happy to encourage her along this path. Hook may even see this as an opportunity, a chance to revert back to his opportunistic ways.

Even before the Once Upon A Time season finale aired, Josh Dallas (AKA Prince Charming) teased Once Upon A Time fans with hints at what was coming.

“It’s a big reveal. The new big baddie is going to be really bad. It’s the unimaginable. It’s the worst thing that could possibly happen. It’s going to be tough for everybody. It’s going to be distressing for fans.”

Even Jennifer Morrison herself seems to be looking forward to exploring the darkness within her Once Upon A Time character.

As the Hollywood Reporter also suggests, Emma Swan is potentially the most worrisome villain Once Upon A Time has ever seen. There are many Once Upon A Time characters eager to save Emma, family and friends that know her well and hope to return the kindness she has shown them in the past. The only problem is that Emma knows them just as well as they know her and, as the Dark One, Emma will be all too eager to use that information to her own advantage. The fifth season of Once Upon A Time may be the darkest yet, as Dark Swan uses her intimate knowledge of Storybrooke to bring down even the greatest heroes.

It may turn out to be up to Henry to save the day again, either as the author or as the only one capable of finding Merlin in time to bring Emma back from the darkness before she can do too much damage.

The new season of Once Upon A Time will premiere in September.

[Featured image: courtesy of ABC/Once Upon A Time]