Emma Roberts And Abigail Breslin Haze Lea Michele In New ‘Scream Queens’ Trailer [Video]

Emma Roberts is the cruel queen bee that you’re going to love to hate in the new Scream Queens trailer. Mean-spirited sorority president Chanel Oberlin might not have witchy powers like Roberts’ beloved American Horror Story: Coven character, Madison Montgomery, but the devil in a baby blue dress is definitely a force to be reckoned with.

Gossip Cop recently shared the full-length Scream Queens trailer, and it teases plenty of giggles and gore. In the video, Emma Roberts’ character and her sorority sister underlings (Abigail Breslin and Billie Lourd, daughter of Carrie Fisher) decide to haze the new pledges by burying the unlucky ladies in their front lawn.

Obviously, Chanel makes her “minions” do all the dirty work. Their hazing prank goes horribly wrong when one of the planted pledges gets run over by a devil mask-wearing madman (or madwoman) on a lawnmower, but it’s unlikely that Chanel cares about losing a potential sorority sister — the girls in the grass were all undesirables, anyway.

Unfortunately for Chanel, the dean of students (Jamie Lee Curtis) isn’t a fan of sororities, and she really can’t stand the Kappa Kappa Tau president. To get under the well-exfoliated skin of the vicious pink princess, she forces Chanel to let anyone join her sorority. This includes the dorky disaster that is Lea Michele’s crazy character — according to Emma Roberts, Lea looks and acts so ridiculous that she can’t lay eyes on her without laughing.

The new pledges also include a girl who eats candle wax and a level-headed girl named Grace (Skyler Samuels) who is only joining the sorority to honor her mother. During an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Emma Roberts described Scream Queens as “Mean Girls meets Friday the 13th.” This means that Grace would be the Cady Heron or Alice Hardy of the show. However, Grace’s pal Zayday (Keke Palmer) might actually be the smartest girl on campus — she thinks joining Kappa Kappa Tau is a terrible idea.

The show’s shiny red devil mask makes multiple appearances in the trailer below, and its presence probably spells doom for a shirtless Joe Jonas (spoiler alert: it looks like his body is being placed in a morgue drawer near the end of the trailer). Diego Boneta, Niecy Nash, Oliver Hudson, and Ariana Grande also appear in the trailer.

During her recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, Emma Roberts explained why she decided to sign on for Scream Queens.

“When we were more than half way through Freak Show, [Ryan Murphy] called me and he was like, ‘I have this new show. It’s kind of Heathers meets Halloween and I want you to be the lead.’ I was like, ‘Excuse me? That sounds like my dream.’… I had just come off doing American Horror Story: Coven, which was my favorite season of the show… Scream Queens definitely has a little bit of that Coven girl-power vibe which I love and a lot of the humor that Coven had.”

Are you looking forward to seeing more of Emma Roberts rocking fingerless gloves and lording over “idiot hookers” this fall on Fox?

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