What’s New In ‘Destiny: House Of Wolves’

Destiny released House of Wolves in September of 2014, following that up with the first expansion set, The Dark Below, released in December. The second package of downloadable content was released today, fixing many bugs that have plagued the game since its release.

Many early reviews urge those that had previously abandoned House of Wolves to come back for another go around, now that Destiny has addressed so many issues that had seemed to hold House of Wolves back. The House of Wolves expansion set released today brings with it enticingly new game modes and new maps, but the biggest draw for House of Wolves players has been an upgrade to the game gear. The gear upgrade has been long overdue and seems to be enough to draw former House of Wolves players back into the fold.

For those new to House of Wolves, the standalone game will run players $20, while getting the game as a part of the House of Wolves expansion pass will cost a $35 total. It seems that this new batch of House of Wolves software provides players with an abundance of new content that encompasses new storylines and missions, as well as the introduction of a new social space.

The new House of Wolves stories place the player in the employ of the Queen of the Awoken, compelling the player to aid her in avenging herself upon the Fallen humanoid race.

Vestian Outpost in the Reef also received an extensive upgrade. In the past, players barely skimmed through this area in such a hasty manner that the player was barely able to notice it. The House of Wolves upgrade now makes the Vestian Outpost a hub of activity, becoming host to House of Wolves players wanting to hang out, buy gear, or receive new challenges.

The House of Wolves expansion also provides a new Strike challenge, entitled “The Shadow Thief.” This new mission will allow up to three players to battle the Fallen mercenary Taniks the Scarred on the moon.

There’s also more for those with a sharper edge for competition. House of Wolves now provides plenty of Guardian-on-Guardian competitions. The Trials of Osiris arena pits player against player in a last man standing match that prohibits respawns. Players are expected to form teams of three before entering The Trials of Osiris and the quality of the player’s gear and weaponry increases as the number of kills grows.

Tom’s Guide provides an excellent overview of the House of Wolves game and expansion set.

“Overall, House of Wolves is shaping up to be a much meatier expansion than The Dark Below was. The DLC’s new social space and story content could give the game some much-welcomed extra scope, and the new gear seems well worth grinding away for. While there’s no new Raid (long, challenging missions for big teams of high-level players), modes such as Prison of Elders and Trials of Osiris provide significantly fresh ways to experience a game that was starting to grow a bit stale.”

For more information, go directly to Destiny’s House of Wolves Expansion II page.

[Featured image: House of Wolves courtesy of Destiny]