Madonna Prepares Outrageous New Music Video That Will Enrage Her ‘Age’ Critics

Even though Madonna has received ugly (and sometimes violent) ageist and misogynistic remarks this year, one shouldn’t expect her to back down. When she is told to stop doing something, she comes back and does it even more. Judging from Instagram posts and fan sites, Madonna is preparing an ironic music video that will make her fans laugh and her critics furious.

Madonna’s fan forums have shown pictures from the video, where Madonna has pink hair and is wearing grills. Many said it would be similar to her performance of the song on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. A reddit user named ShowbizGal (whose post has now been deleted) claims to have worked on the video. You have to take her post with a grain of salt, but her description, which was up on Monday evening and Tuesday morning, certainly fits the one that has been on Madonna fan forums.

“I worked on Madonna’s new video last week for ‘B***h I’m Madonna’ and you fans are in for a special treat. The video is hilarious and more like a Madonna parody. If you hate her grills, you are going to hate them even more. Not only does Madonna wear those ugly things on her teeth, but there is a sock puppet that also wears grills. The dancing in the video is crazy. It’s like the performance she did on Jimmy Fallon, but taken to new heights.”

Madonna’s new single has divided both her fans and critics. Some think “B***h I’m Madonna” is the most desperate single she has ever released, while others believe the song is supposed to be over the top and ridiculous. Madonna, herself, has claimed in several interviews that the song is supposed to be irreverent.

Whether or not likes the song, it is a smart choice for a single. “B***h I’m Madonna” has far outsold the other tracks on Rebel Heart, even though it hasn’t been officially promoted as a single. Madonna’s last two singles, “Living for Love” and “Ghosttown,” haven’t even charted, but many blame this on the fact these songs were illegally leaked last December and didn’t have a chance to be released as standalone singles apart from an album package.

The Madonna video should be released very soon, possibly during the first week of June. You can bet that, as usual, Madonna will stir a debate on feminism, ageism, and other “isms.” Madonna has become a walking target for social criticism, but one has to give her credit for keeping her chin up.

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