Calvin Harris’ Ex Rita Ora Has No ‘Bad Blood’ With New Girlfriend Taylor Swift

Rita Ora doesn’t have any “Bad Blood” with Taylor Swift. In fact, she has nothing but kind words to say about Calvin Harris’ new girlfriend.

In a recent interview with Vice magazine, Ora, 24, said that she loves 25-year-old Swift’s music. She appears to be a big fan of the singer.

“I think she’s one of the most incredible songwriters of our generation. I’m not even just saying it.”‘

The singer isn’t just a Swiftie. She also revealed that she’s a huge Beyonce and Madonna fan.

“You pay respect to people who deserve it—Beyoncé and Madonna. When Madonna was going through it on this last record, I was one of the first people to post my support on Instagram. Don’t battle her because of her age. “

“I support women and it comes back to you. I’d love that support. There’s a fine line between believing in yourself and being a f***ng a***hole. I don’t step on people’s toes.”

Rita went through a bad breakup with Calvin Harris. She’s now dating rapper Ricky Hil…Or is she still?

In an interview with E! News at the Billboard Music Awards on Sunday, she admitted that she felt “empty” when asked how her relationship was going. Ora then told Giuliana Rancic jokingly, “Let’s not go there.”

Talk about another awkward moment for Giuliana Rancic at the BBMAs.

As for her split with Calvin Harris, Rita told Nylon magazine that her producer helped inspire some of the music on her new album.

“I had a breakup, or whatever, and it really made me realise what I was trying to do. I had been fixated on this love fantasy, but really it wasn’t like that, and I had to take myself back.”

“For me, this was my moment where I had to be real and tell the truth and be honest. I love my pop songs, and I’m still gonna be pop, but this has just got a lot more depth to it.”

Rita Ora not only wants to reveal all on her next album, but she also wants to collaborate with Taylor Swift’s BFF Ed Sheeran. The “Poison” singer says that she’s good friends with the singer-songwriter.

“I did this incredibly beautiful song with Ed about our friendship; he’s one of my best friends. It’s amazing having a friend in this industry of the opposite sex that you haven’t hooked up with. He’s such a legend. I respect him in so many ways.”

This comes after the news that Ora and Harry Styles reportedly hid from their exes Harris and Swift at the BBMAs. In fact, the British singers allegedly found it uncomfortable to see Swift and Harris kiss on camera.

“Harry ended up being the on only member of One Direction to not attend his ex-girlfriend Taylor’s after-party. Instead the curly-haired hunk decided to fly back from Las Vegas to Los Angeles on his own, in order to avoid seeing the Taylor and Calvin’s PDA at the party.”

As for Rita, she reportedly couldn’t stand being in the same room as Taylor and Calvin. She decided to spend the rest of the night hanging out backstage, according to the report.

“Calvin’s ex-girlfriend Rita Ora stayed backstage throughout the event in order to avoid the 31-year-old DJ making out with Taylor in front of the biggest names in the music industry. Rita was backstage the whole night to avoid Calvin and Taylor. The romance is big news — she wanted to avoid an awkward encounter or being pictured reacting. Taylor was introducing all her mates to Calvin by his real name Adam, telling everyone how happy they were. There’s no love lost between [Rita and Calvin].”

Doesn’t sound like the same Rita Ora that complimented Taylor Swift in her interview. What are your thoughts? Do you believe this crazy report?

[Image: Jason Merritt/Getty Images for MTV and Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images]