WWE News: WWE Hall Of Famer Scott Hall Has Relapse, Now Being Pulled From GFW Event

WWE Hall of Famer Scott Hall, also known as Razor Ramon from his first WWE run, has apparently fell off the wagon again. It was said recently that Hall was thrown out of an Indy event due to being overly intoxicated. It was uncertain what he was on or what he did, all we heard for some time was that he was back in his old lifestyle possibly. This was very sad for WWE fans who love Hall and want him to be better.

According to Daily Wrestling News, it was found out that Hall wasn’t intending to drink, but a roadie from one of the bands at the fest the Indy event was taking place at gave Hall drinks. For someone who is a recovering alcoholic and drug abuser, it is not easy to stop with one. Recovery is an every day fight. Some days are easier than others, but every single day a person has to fight the urge.

Hall is now with Diamond Dallas Page, who commented on Scott Hall’s behalf to those asking about him. DDP told TMZ when they asked about Hall that recovery is a process and people shouldn’t give up on Scott. People don’t want to give up on Hall, but it is tough to not do so. Hall has been a serial abuser for so long, and seeing him get better was the best thing to see for a wrestling fan. He looked terrific at the WWE Hall of Fame last year.

Everyone was happy to see both Jake Roberts and Scott Hall get inducted, but more so happy to see them finally enter a good place in life. Jake seemed to be doing great and has remained in a good place. Sadly, Hall is not quite where he needs to be. Being with DDP now more than ever is a good thing. DDP has taken it upon himself to help people, not just with their body but with their overall health.

He helped to change the lives of two men for the better. So that is to be commended. Sadly one is now going through issues again, which is not on DDP but on Hall for messing up. However, as DDP highlighted, recovery is a process.

Sott Hall was set to take part in Jeff Jarrett’s Global Force Wrestling events upcoming. However, he has been removed. Jeff did this for obvious reasons. Hall does need to recover instead of be inside a ring right now anyway. WWE has not commented on the issue.

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