Sweet 16 Party Soiled By A Disgusting Surprise From The Sky

A Pennsylvania family was enjoying themselves at a Sweet 16 party in Levittown with a few dozen of their loved ones when a disgusting surprise dropped right out of the sky. Though the birthday girl, Jacinda, is certain to never forget her Sweet 16 party, no one could have expected what rained down on them last Sunday.

Jacinda’s step-dad, Joe Cambray, says he was playing horseshoes in the backyard. Other party-goers were celebrating Jacinda’s Sweet 16 by swimming. Thankfully, they had already cut, served, and eaten the birthday cake shaped into the number 16. Suddenly, according to Cambray, it started raining — or so they thought.

The rain was reportedly brown, and turned out to be feces, according to the family. Poop was raining from the sky, putting a massive damper on Jacinda’s Sweet 16 party.

“Out of nowhere, from the sky, comes a bunch of feces, lands on her,” Cambray told Fox News. Feces reportedly slammed down right on top of the canopy that Joe had just purchased to add a little shelter at the Sweet 16 party. Feces splattered all over.

“We just got done with cake. Thank God we took the cake back in, because within two minutes, something fell from the sky. It was brown, it was everywhere, it got on everything,” Joe explained. “I grabbed a hose from over here, immediately started lining things up to start washing it off.”

The feces that rained down on the Sweet 16 party came from an airplane flying above the party, the family says. Jacinda’s step-aunt found an app on her phone and quickly narrowed down five planes that could have been responsible for tossing their waste onto Jacinda’s Sweet 16 party.

According to the FAA, airplane personnel are not supposed to poo-bomb neighborhoods. From most planes, it can’t even be done on purpose. Unfortunately, the Sweet 16 party gift from the heavens is not an isolated incident, according to the Slate. Though, according to that report, waste from planes rains down as “blue ice” rather than “brown rain.” A few years ago, a Long Island couple claimed they had bathroom waste dropped on them from an airplane, as well.

“Under normal circumstances, the ground crew disposes of the sewage after the plane lands. Even if the pilot and flight attendants wanted to empty a tank midflight, they couldn’t, as the valve is located on the outside of the plane, and can only be opened by the ground crew.

Waste can seep out of the tanks in a malfunctioning aircraft.”

Airlines are required to dispose of their bathroom waste while at an airport for obvious sanitation and public health reasons. The family has filed a complaint with the FAA about the Sweet 16 party pooper’s present from the sky.

[Photo via Fox/Facebook]