'Real Housewives Of New York' Star Carole Radziwill Takes Offense When LuAnn De Lesseps Takes A Dig At Her New Boyfriend

Things are going to get a little heated on the next episode of Real Housewives of New York. In an exclusive video of the coming installment of the reality TV show, LuAnn de Lesseps is a little upset over Carole Radziwill's new boyfriend, Adam Kenworthy.

De Lesseps isn't happy with the new relationship because Radziwill's boyfriend just happens to be her niece's ex-boyfriend and is over 20 years younger than Radziwill. The video, released by US Weekly, depicts de Lesseps calling out Radziwill and referring to the new relationship as a Sonja Morgan-like move.

"He's a little young and he's my niece's ex-boyfriend, so what can I tell you?" de Lesseps explains after her co-stars Ramona Singer and Kristen Taekman asked her about how she felt about the whole situation. "It's a little weird."

Meanwhile, Radziwill is adamant that there isn't anything unusual about her new boyfriend. "He likes me, I like him," she stated. "It's not much more complicated than that. We're having a good time."The Real Housewives of New York star went on to talk about how hypocritical de Lesseps' comments about dating younger men were.

"Lu lecturing me on dating younger men is like the Saudi government lecturing the world on feminism," Radziwill stated in the video. "I love Lu, but sometimes, she can be a hypocrite of epic proportion."

At the same time, de Lesseps is aware that she may have pushed things a little too far with Radziwill. In an interview with Andy Cohen, she addressed a particularly nasty tweet she posted about Radziwill and her new relationship in which she called Radziwill a "liar" and a "full of s**t newcomer."

"That was mean. I felt bad about that. I was on a rant because you know my niece, and I are really tight and this has been really upsetting for me, because she was so upset," de Lesseps stated. "It's caused a lot of friction for me and my family personally. That's why I was really upset but I went overboard and at this point I really just want to move on. Carole, ok? Can we move on?"

Despite the appeal by de Lesseps, Radziwill isn't ready to accept the apology. After learning about what de Lesseps said, she tweeted, "There was no apology. Xo #rhony." She then followed up with another note that stated: "Exactly. Covering up her own bad behavior. Wait & see…#getsfun #turksandcaicos."

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