Mom Pulls Son From School After District Allows Middle School Girl To Stay Despite Penning This Graphic, ‘Threatening Letter’

The mother of a Nevada middle school student is upset and withdrew her son from Lied Middle School, in the Clark County School District, after she says that district officials didn’t adequately discipline a student who allegedly penned a letter that contained graphic violence. The boy’s mother, Jennifer Beasley, says Lied Middle School officials should have expelled the student for writing what she says was a threatening letter.

Both students attended Lied Middle School, but Beasley told KTNV that her son has no idea what would cause the middle school girl to write him such a graphic letter. Beasley says her 12-year-old son disposed of the letter. The boy’s older sibling made Beasley aware of the graphic note. She said that even as an adult, receiving a threatening letter like the one allegedly given to her son would freak her out. As the boy’s mother, she was scared enough for her son’s safety, she said, that she removed her son from the district.

Jennifer says that her son was so scared of what might happen to him if he tattled about the letter, allegedly written to him by his former classmate, that he didn’t show his mother. The boy also told his mother that it wasn’t the first threatening letter he received from the girl. In another letter, she allegedly wrote that she wanted to bind him with duct tape and stab him until blood ran out of his body. The text of the following letter is quite graphic. Readers should know that it may be disturbing to some people.

“I would stab you in your legs. Tie you up and pry out your teeth and make a necklace out of them. I should sew your mouth shut and drop bleach in your eyes. I will cut you open and separate your organs from your body and porous (sic). After that I should wash/drench your entire body with animal (cow and dog) feces and pour gasoline on you and set you on fire.”

CCSD couldn’t comment in depth on the letter allegedly given to the middle school boy by his former classmate due to student privacy concerns, but according to KTNV, the district said they took appropriate action after a longer than six hour investigation. Due to the Family Educational Privacy Rights Act, the district is not at liberty to discuss why, in a zero-tolerance school district, the middle school girl was not removed from school. Many speculate that the girl may have special needs or an emotional impairment that was already being addressed through an educational plan. Others speculate that the girl was never serious, and that the letter could have been severely taken out of context. Overall though, parents are upset, but at the same time, school officials legally can’t explain why they determined that the girl was not a threat to her fellow students. The district has released a statement about the letter.

“The school was made aware of this situation and took action to address all students involved last week. School police also made contact with parents regarding this concern.

This situation has been handled at the school level, and appropriate action was taken in the best interest of students. Administrators are tasked with evaluating a situation and determining the best course of action for all students, which is not something they take lightly.”

Police have been contacted by Beasley about the alleged threatening letter, as well, and Beasley made up a flyer to inform other parents of the notes she said her son received.

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According to Liberal America, the middle school boy said that he has been receiving threatening letters since December.

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