‘Suicide Squad’ Movie Director David Ayer Changes Harley Quinn’s Origin And Confuses Comics Fans

Suicide Squad will attempt to help DC Comics draw any bit of attention it can from the thriving Marvel Cinematic Universe. Towards that purpose, DC and Warner Bros. have been releasing set photos and character reveals from the upcoming Suicide Squad film. They’ve taken us along as they film in Toronto with new set photos every week, though some of them are supposedly accidental leaks.

This week someone has even leaked Suicide Squad video footage of director David Ayer’s attempt at Harley Quinn’s origin. The scene somewhat recalls the comics in which Harley Quinn broke the Joker out of prison after he influenced her with an insane laugh factor, as explained on the VariantComics channel. But David Ayer’s retelling within the Suicide Squad film may be too loose to please hardcore comics fans.

Screen Rant tells us not to jump to conclusions too quickly about Suicide Squad, since we don’t know exactly what Ayer is attempting, and little info has been revealed about the Suicide Squad film as a whole.

“Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn will likely be a hotly debated design, since the Joker’s sidekick has gone on to enjoy real solo success as a comic fan-favorite. Bringing such a manic character to life is a film’s worth of challenge in itself, and it seems director David Ayer isn’t looking to reinvent the villain quite as much as The Joker. Pale-skinned, platinum blonde, studded short-shorts and laced heels are all in keeping with her (many) comic looks, but – as is the case for every one of these villains – it’s hard to predict too much from their appearance alone.”

In a recently leaked Suicide Squad scene, we see Harley Quinn and the Joker caught in a violent love affair. Quinn shoots a trucker before turning the gun on the Joker. He then grabs the weapon and gives her a smack. This scene comes straight out of the comics, but not necessarily the Suicide Squad ones, since Quinn’s origin story took place in other DC Comics. Quinn also doesn’t have her costume or characteristic pale skin in these scenes. This could just be a rehearsal, if it’s not a reinterpretation of the Harley Quinn character as a whole.

As reported in the Inquisitr, the Joker is also getting a look and attitude in Suicide Squad like nothing we’ve seen in the movies yet. He’s slicker and more colorful, even neon-looking in the set pictures. This imagining of the Joker might work better for this particular Suicide Squad lineup, a U.S. covert secret operative team composed of supervillains. It may provide a nice dynamic with the Harley Quinn character we’re being introduced to.

Suicide Squad will be released in August, 2016, coming after Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, which comes into theaters towards the end of March.

[Photo by Tim P. Whitby/Getty Images for BFI]