‘Sesi Cok Guzel’ Star Mutlu Kaya Shot In The Head [Update]

A contestant of the Turkish talent show Sesi Cok Guzel has been shot in the head. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Turkish star Mutlu Kaya, 19, was shot in the head following death threats. The Sesi Cok Guzel star received death threats warning her not to appear on the talent show prior to the attack.

It’s said that Kaya, who hails from a conservative region of Diyarbakir, is currently in critical condition after the attack, which happened on Monday.

Sesi Cok Guzel, which means “the most beautiful voice” in English, is modeled after similar American talent programs such as American Idol and The Voice. It’s mostly compared to America’s Got Talent.

The attack on the Turkish talent contestant happened while Mutla Kaya was at home. While the shooter’s name is unknown, it’s believed that the bullet was fired early on Monday morning. According to Agence France-Presse, the attack was made from the contestant’s garden and through the back window of her home in Diyarbakir.

The most surprising part of this whole story is that the Turkish star received death threats from members of her family. In order to compete on Sesi Cok Guzel, the contestant had to travel to Istanbul. The big conflict was Kaya participating in the actual talent show. In her region, women are expected to take on traditional roles, and those that go out of the social norms are looked down upon.

When the media started to report about the shooting, one person connected to the show reacted. Sibel Can, who is a Turkish star in her own right, reacted on her Instagram page. The folk singer, who was mentoring Kaya on the show captioned a photo with, “My beautiful girl Mutlu, how could they wound you? I am very sad. Her health situation is now critical, I wish for a speedy recovery.”

Twitter has also reacted to the shooting of the Sesi Cok Guzel contestant.

Update: The shooter is now suspected to be Mutlu Kaya’s boyfriend, Veysi E. It’s said that Kaya’s boyfriend and two others connected to the shooting were detained.

At the time, Kaya’s boyfriend had denied reports, telling officials, “I was against her signing up for the contest but I did not shoot her. I went to her street but I didn’t fire a shot. I love her.”

[Image via YouTube Screengrab]