‘The Witcher 3’ PC: Bugs And Crashing Issues Plague Player Experience, Possible Fixes

A trend in gaming seems to have hit The Witcher 3 as well yesterday. Many players have been reporting game crashing and other bugs while playing (or rather, attempting to do so) The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. The PC version seems to have the majority of the issues with some players not even able to play for five to ten minutes without the constant crashing.

The issues seem to be affecting both the GOG and Steam versions of The Witcher 3. Reddit users are complaining specifically about Witcher 3 crashing in the inventory screen, as well as a some having the issue while in the card game, Gwent. Nvidia released their Day 1 driver for The Witcher 3, but some players are experiencing drivers crashing as well.

The PC seems to be getting the brunt of the issues. Xbox One and PS4 players are tending to report smooth experiences in the game. Personally, I’ve spent about nine hours with the game, mostly on Xbox One and have had zero issues with The Witcher 3 on Microsoft’s console. Compare that to the PC when The Witcher 3 crashed about 30 minutes into the game for me, and the issue becomes more glaring.

This isn’t to say the console versions of The Witcher 3 are unaffected. The Xbox One, in particular, seems to have some weird audio hitches in gameplay and the FPS stutters while in cutscenes. The PS4 has had some nasty bugs in the tutorial area, but by and large the console experiences with The Witcher 3 have been fairly smooth.

The larger issues here is that The Witcher 3 was delayed mutliple times and has released in a non-working state for many players. While the amount of consumers affected by the crashing may be small in comparison to the one million copies pre-ordered, the fact remains that there are users out there with an unplayable copy of the game.

CD Projekt RED so far hasn’t provided much in terms of solution. Some players are suggesting on the forums to roll back the driver if you’re a Nvidia user to the GTA V driver.

Another Reddit user has posted a possible fix to the PC issues plaguing Witcher 3 players. User Rekuja suggests tweaking some graphics settings in order to achieve game stability. Might be worth a try until CDPR comes out with an official patch to fix things for affected consumers.

Having issues with The Witcher 3? Sound off with your experience below.

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