Victoria’s Secret Fail For Gigi Hadid But She’s Not Giving Up

Gigi Hadid should be a top pick for the Victoria’s Secret catwalk. Gigi is 20 and perfect. Hadid is one of the it models, and she’s already getting the big gigs with companies like Maybelline and Guess and the cover of Vogue Australia. EOnline is right: Gigi has the angel look, and her “beachy blond locks, killer bod and super-cool style” are pure Victoria’s Secret! Hadid even has the right lineage. Her mother is the stunning Dutch American model and reality television star Yolanda Foster, whose sleek blonde gorgeousness Gigi inherited.

Last March, Gigi hosted the Victoria’s Secret Pink Spring Break event in Miami along with then boyfriend, Australian singer and actor Cody Simpson.

Cody sang for the Pink ladies (there were lots!), and helped out with hamster ball races and water balloon contests. Gigi was radiant and hopeful about an angelic future with Victoria’s Secret. And so she should have been! Gigi’s a perfect angel!

“The Victoria’s Secret show is definitely one of them,” she admitted to E! News. “For me, I just try to have little goals every day, whether it’s just being nice or making a good connection in the fashion world.”

Aw! For Gigi Hadid, being nice is just as important as making a connection in the fashion world. She deserves to become a Victoria’s Secret angel. Hadid works hard, has the personality and rocks the look, but it didn’t happen for her. When it came time for the audition, Gigi was nervous and just couldn’t pull it off.

“I was working out every day and I felt my body was really ready… I was healthy and athletic, but I think the only thing that got in my way was genuinely how nervous I was.”

Wow. The successful and gorgeous Gigi Hadid too nervous? Adam Bub, writing for The Fix, was surprised.

“So there you have it – Gigi Hadid gets nervous too.”

We think that the nervousness, and her willingness to admit it, just makes her more attractive!

But Gigi isn’t giving up on one day getting her wings and a place on the Victoria’s Secret catwalk.

Gigi told Style that “Victoria’s Secret has been a huge dream of mine my entire life.” After all, Hadid is only 20. She has “many years to try out for Victoria’s Secret.”

So, Gigi didn’t get to be an angel this year, but she made a fantastic not-so-angelic Slay Z on Taylor Swift’s video Bad Blood. We could totally see Gigi Hadid with a set of black wings!

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