Bethenny Frankel Net Worth Details

Bethenny Frankel’s net worth and luxurious lifestyle have been revealed in new court documents. On May 19, Radar Online obtained these documents and shared the latest news regarding the Real Housewives of New York City star.

According to the report, Bethenny Frankel’s net worth was estimated to be around $22 million when she and husband Jason Hoppy signed a prenuptial agreement in March 2010. Also at the time, her assets were worth a reported $611,503. Husband Hoppy was worth just $475,000, with $13,331 in his personal checking and savings accounts and an additional $3,774 in a joint account with Bethenny Frankel. The couple had a joint brokerage account with $248,774, as well.

Once they wed, Bethenny Frankel sold her line of Skinnygirl drinks to Beam Global for an estimated $100 million, skyrocketing her net worth, as well as her annul wages, which, by 2012, were listed at $4,011,726 per year.

Prior to her divorce filing, Bethenny Frankel was “100% owner of six different businesses and certain trademarks, as well as two properties in Bridgehampton that she purchased with cash,” according to the documents.

In a typical month, prior to their split, Bethenny Frankel and her husband were spending an average of $35,559 per month on items, including clothing, golf, toys, camps, and vacations. However, according to the documents, the judge said there are “disputes about whether their often luxurious travel constituted vacations (according to the husband) or work (according to the wife).”

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Bethenny Frankel is currently fighting for a number of her assets in her ongoing divorce from Hoppy and recently claimed he tricked her into signing documents, which would allow him to remain in their Tribeca home after their split.

In court documents filed weeks ago, via Radar Online, Bethenny Frankel claimed the following.

“[Bethenny Frankel] claims that she executed the trust agreement without understanding it. Specifically, she claims that when she signed, she believed, based on her communication with her husband, that the trust ‘was only to maintain privacy given her public recognition and that [the husband] would only be managing the property for her benefit.’ She never read the trust agreement before signing it, and does not recall ever being shown any part of it except for the signature page.”

The former couple’s Tribeca home has been one of the main issues that has kept their divorce from being finalized.

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