McDonald’s Refuses To Serve The Homeless? Teen Unable To Buy Homeless Man Hot Meal Because Of ‘New Policy’

Angelica N. Sumter - Author

May 19 2015, Updated 2:15 a.m. ET

A McDonald’s in Manchester refused to allow a teen to buy a meal, which was for a homeless man, due to their new policy, but there was a slight miscommunication between staff members.

The Manchester Evening News reports that staff members at McDonald’s believed that the new policy says they are not allowed to serve the homeless when in fact, they were misinformed.

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When Charlotte Farrow, 19, was on her way to work Thursday, she ran into a homeless man who seemed to be in dire need of a hot meal. Since McDonald’s was on the way, she figured she’d grab him a meal to go.

However, what she learned after trying to buy the homeless man a meal left her in complete and utter shock.

A staff member at the McDonald’s told her that they were unable to serve her because she was buying the meal for the homeless man. They went on to say that McDonald’s new policy says that they are no longer serving the homeless.

“We queued up and the homeless guy tried to get some money out before I told him I was paying. Then the supervisor said ‘we don’t serve homeless people,'” Farrow said.

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“He said the business manager told them they weren’t allowed to serve homeless people. They said it was a new policy.”

“It was his attitude towards the guy – we were both customers so there shouldn’t be any difference.”

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Although Farrow resides with her boyfriend, she too is homeless. She says that MacDonald’s “bogus new policy” is enough to make her avoid the restaurant at all cost.

“I think it’s absolutely awful and completely immoral,” she continued.

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“We’re all human beings. I wouldn’t expect to be treated like that. If they’re refusing to serve homeless people it’s extremely judgmental.”

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However, much to Farrow’s astonishment, the McDonald’s staff member gave her inaccurate information. When McDonald’s spokesperson learned about the incident, they apologized for the confusion.

They also stated that the policy was not communicated properly, and that all staff members will relearn the policy.

“We welcome all customers through our doors and work hard to create a friendly and welcoming environment for all,” the spokesperson said.

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“We can confirm that it is not McDonald’s policy to refuse to serve homeless people and apologize for any confusion caused.”

“We will be reiterating this policy to all team members.”

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There isn’t a new policy at McDonald’s that refuses to serve the homeless.

[Image courtesy of Spencer Platt/Getty Images]


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