Britt Nilsson Denies Doing ‘Bachelorette’ To Launch Hollywood Career, Found Kaitlyn Bristowe ‘Intimidating’

So how does Britt Nilsson really feel about sharing the spotlight with Kaitlyn Bristowe? In an interview with OK! Magazine, posted on Monday ahead of the The Bachelorette premiere, Britt admitted that she wasn’t immediately 100 percent sure she wanted to go up against fan-favorite Kaitlyn.

“It’s a huge decision so I did take time to think about it. But overwhelmingly, I just felt like it was the right decision. I felt like it was the next step. And I kind of saw love happening on the first season, and I felt like it was an amazing opportunity. I wanted to weigh it out because it is such a big deal, but I felt like it was good, yes, from the beginning…Kaitlyn is awesome, she’s also a little bit intimidating, of course…All I can do is be myself.”

When she was on The Bachelor, competing with Kaitlyn for Chris Soules, some of the other women claimed that Britt wasn’t there for the right reasons. Some of the franchise’s fans have accused her of going on the show simply to become famous. Britt, an aspiring actress who more recently worked in Los Angeles as a waitress, denied to OK! that she went on the dating show to kick-start her Hollywood career.

“Honestly, no. I mean, people have asked me is this the modeling or acting. And to me, doing reality is kind of in a very different sphere, which I really don’t think that it feeds into anything else. I think it might actually cut me off from – if I’m trying to do modeling, I wouldn’t do reality TV. And I haven’t been modeling in about four years. I’m 28. I really don’t think I’m going to get back into it.”

As for the criticism that having two Bachelorettes in the beginning is sexist and degrading, Britt doesn’t think it is. She thinks that the producers couldn’t decide between her and Kaitlyn. Britt also pointed out that the franchise has had two men compete for The Bachelor starring role before.

Britt Nilsson also admitted that when it came time to go through the first night at the mansion, during which the men would decide who they wanted to stay on as the Bachelorette for the rest of the season, she tried hard to let go of her worries of possibly losing to Kaitlyn Bristowe.

“I think that there were probably guys who watched the season and so, yes, some probably knew who Kaitlyn was, some knew who I was. I was trying really hard to not, you know, do the numbers in my head or figure it out. But honestly, most of them seem fairly open-minded or maybe they were good actors. I’m just kidding!”

According to host Chris Harrison, who spoke to HuffPost Live earlier on Monday, the men were pretty much split evenly when it came down to who they wanted to remain on as the Bachelorette.

“The two bachelorette thing is very short-lived. Halfway through the first night, the guys will vote and you’ll see who the bachelorette will be. Very quickly, you’ll forget there were ever two bachelorettes… It’s pretty 50-50 of who the guys are there for, and it was a very interesting dynamic.”

Like Britt, Chris also dismissed the criticism that having the two women compete for the top spot is sexist.

“I love that some people are upset about it, because we’ve hit a chord with the people who are upset. It’s probably an issue you have with yourself or with other women…Britt and Kaitlyn empowered each other. They took control of the situation and made the best of what could have been a bad situation. I think they did themselves and women proud.”

So who will Chris Soules, the man who broke both Britt Nilsson and Kaitlyn Bristowe’s hearts when he sent them home on The Bachelor, root for when The Bachelorette premieres tonight? As previously reported by the Inquisitr, it’s likely that he won’t even be watching the show with his love Whitney Bischoff since he’s in Los Angeles doing the Dancing with the Stars finale episode.

[Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images]