Jon Gosselin Seeks Full Custody Of 11-Year-Old Hannah: Just One Of His Eight Children

Jon Gosselin is seeking full custody of just one of his eight children that he fathered with his ex-wife, Kate Gosselin. He is trying to get custody of his 11-year-old daughter, Hannah, according to Us Weekly.

People can’t help but wonder why Hannah is the only one who has been singled out. A statement was issued by Jon’s attorney, Kristen Doleva-Lecher.

“Jon’s priority is what is best for the kids… [He will] fight for them. Jon is currently not commenting on the situation. His focus remains on his children.”

International Business Times reported that Hannah had complained to Jon about Kate’s “cruelty.” Jon is said to have gotten “emergency custody” of Hannah. After spending only four days at Jon’s house in April, Hannah was reportedly returned to her mother.

The parents, Jon, 38, and Kate, 40, became famous reality stars on the TLC show Jon and Kate Plus 8. Since the couple’s divorce in 2009, Kate has had primary custody of the children, and she started another show on TLC, Kate Plus 8.

“Kate and her children will return to TLC in June for a special episode of Kate Plus 8. The installment will follow the Gosselin family as they travel to Mexico for Kate’s birthday.”

Without knowing the details about the custody of Hannah, people are speculating and wondering why Jon would want to separate the family. It seems strange that Jon wants custody of a girl instead of one of the boys, if it had to be any one of the children.

Last Saturday, Kate posted a photo of her with Hannah on Twitter. Some of her followers thought it was an attempt to put the custody rumors to rest. Others are claiming Kate is doing damage control to prove that Hannah is still with her.

“It’s obvious that Kate put this picture up to show people that her kid is there. That’s crafty thinking. Wow. Talk about damage control. I hope Hannah has no clue Kate has an ulterior motive for taking a pic with her.”

Since Jon and Kate’s divorce, Kate has moved on with the eight children. Kate had written one book with Jon, but since the divorce, she has written two other non-fiction books. Eight Little Faces was released in April, 2009. I Just Want You To Know was released in 2010. That same year, Kate was a competitor on Dancing With the Stars. In 2011, Kate became a contributing blogger to CouponCabin for one year. Now, she is dating millionaire Jeff Prescott.

Jon has struggled financially since the divorce. He has been getting gigs as a disc jockey. Do you think it is wise for Jon to have full custody of 11-year-old Hannah?

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