Albino Batman Jaden Smith Is The Prom Date You Deserve, Not The One You Need

Jaden Smith, son of Will Smith, has made a name for himself by thinking outside of the box and rejecting the normal mold of a teenage boy. Sure, his parents’ celebrity status allow him a certain level of creativity in his life, but Jaden seems to take it a tad further than many teenagers would dare to go. From his ponderous tweets to walking around in public wearing a dress, he has a way to draw attention while remaining somewhat wholesome in character.

It was no surprise that Jaden wore a white albino Batman suit to Kanye’s and Kim’s wedding reception and Comic-Con, according to Perez Hilton. However, it was unexpected that he would wear the same stoic suit to his high school prom. Still, he wore the get up like a white knight on a mission for a good time, proving that he is the prom date that any girl deserves, even if he is not the one they need.

The Huffington Post gave Jaden Smith the title of “most interesting teen alive,” a name much-deserved by Will Smith’s ponderous child. Although some would disagree that Jaden is the most interesting teen, many agree that he is odd — and getting odder the older he gets. One individual, Kisha H. Baggs, hopes that people will leave Jaden alone and allow him to embrace his weirdness.

“The kids odd and he seems to keep getting odder, but people need to stop acting like that makes someone a bad person or it means your parents a bad parents.”

She continued her opinion.

“In the grand scheme of things it’s kind awesome that he just keeps getting weirder even though world is watching. And you are watching or you wouldn’t have clicked the link, so get over yourself, after all you did click on the link and you are reading the comments people are writing about him.”

Felicia Hazeur Gayle has an opposite opinion of Jaden Smith.

“Expressing individualism is one thing, but the constant attention-grabbing antics of Will Smith’s kids are unhealthy and annoying, to say the least!”

Whether he is intentionally grasping for attention or just being himself, it is always interesting to see what he comes up with next. What are your thoughts on Jaden Smith, attention grabber or unique individual?

[Photo Courtesy: Hollywood Life]