'The Following' Spoilers: Series Finale Brings Major Death, Betrayal, And Shockers

The Season 3 finale of The Following airs Monday night on Fox, and it looks like it will be a brutal episode. Will Mike survive? How will it all end? Fans are anxious for Following spoilers, and there are plenty of tidbits available, though fans can certainly expect a lot of shockers.

As was previously reported by the Inquisitr, Monday's two-hour finale picks up with Mike's stabbing. Max and Mike have tried to find their way back to one another, and just as it looked as if they might be on the right track, tragedy hit. Everybody is dying to know if Mike survives. There will be characters killed off in this finale, but would the show really go there with Mike?

TVLine shares a Following spoiler sneak peek from Monday's finale. Mike is rushed to the hospital and Max, covered in blood, is there with him. Things definitely aren't looking good for Mike, but the team is doing their best. Moments later, Ryan shows up to find out what's going on and try to comfort his niece, Max.

Mike has faced death before, but the odds certainly seem against him this time. Whether he lives or dies, Ryan is on a mission, and fans are anxious to see him succeed. Can Ryan bring down Theo, played by Michael Ealy, or will the bad guys win as the series concludes?

The show's Facebook page has been teasing fans leading up to the finale. They say that Max and Ryan will be tested like never before, and fans need to be ready for anything. These final two episodes are titled "Dead or Alive" and "The Reckoning," and the show details that one person's true nature is about to be revealed.

TV Guide teases Following spoilers that Theo will be revealing a stunning betrayal to Ryan in this finale. After all, Ryan has already been through with Lily and Joe, how can Theo top it all? Just who is it that has been hiding his or her true nature and betrayed those in the inner circle?

Word has it that a major character may bite the dust, and apparently, nobody is safe, as alliances are tested. Multiple deaths are ahead, of course, but everybody will have to tune in to see who survives and who perishes. The last few minutes are said to be heart-stopping and harrowing, and the show goes out in a blaze of glory, according to executive producer Alexi Hawley.

While many had been hoping for a Following renewal for Season 4, Fox canceled the show instead. There has been some talk of Hulu picking up the show, much as it did another Fox cancellation with The Mindy Project. However, nothing further has been announced, and it seems fans should be prepared for this to be the final chapter.

Will fans feel satisfied by this series finale? Will there be enough buzz to propel Hulu or someone else to continue the show, despite faltering ratings since Season 1? Tune in to the series finale of The Following, airing on Fox on Monday, May 18, to see just how the final episodes play out.

[Photo by Giovanni Rufino/Fox]