WWE News: Big Finn Balor And Hideo Itami WWE NXT Feud Not Happening, Could It Happen On The Main Roster?

WWE NXT has given us a lot of great content over the last few years. It is potentially the best pure wrestling show going on right now. Even wrestlers outside of WWE commend how good NXT is, which is saying a lot. Two NXT stars have stood out massively ever since their debut, Hideo Itami and Finn Balor. Both are speculated to be big for WWE down the line, but the one thing that WWE has not yet done with the pair is have them in a good rivalry.

Both are great in the Japanese Strong Style, which is very fun to watch. As a result, the idea in WWE’s mind was to have them put together for at least one rivalry before either were called up. According to Daily Wrestling News, that will not happen. After WWE NXT Takeover: Unstoppable, we’ll probably get a good idea about what the injured stars will be doing.

Itami is said to have a serious shoulder injury that appears to require surgery. So he is speculated to miss around six to eight months. He may very well not even compete in the scheduled triple threat match this Wednesday. However, like Sami Zayn, there is a big chance Itami will suck up the pain and work the show. He was actually rumored to win beforehand, but clearly that will not happen.

Since he is hurt and will miss time until at least the late fall period, Finn Balor will probably be called up by then. It is thought that this easily could happen once both men are called up, but WWE is said to have big plans for both men not including the other. So if it doesn’t happen in NXT, it may not for a long time. There will be a lot of disappointment among fans and WWE if they cannot make this match happen before Balor is on the main roster needless to say.

As The Inquisitr reported on Monday, Vince McMahon wants to have Balor debut on the main roster very soon while Triple H doesn’t want that to happen. This is most likely because, due to all the injuries, Balor is probably needed now more than ever. This on top of the call-ups. Sami Zayn was always set to get called up, so WWE had a plan in mind for him to not be part of NXT.

The Hideo injury threw a monkey wrench into the equation that WWE was not prepared for. However, the show must go on. So WWE is working with what they have. It is speculated that Vince McMahon will follow Triple H’s lead for only so long before he makes the call to bring Balor up. So Triple H will probably begin to push the new NXT guys sooner rather than later to help fill the void that will be left.

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