Catelynn Lowell’s Wedding Dress Is Four Sizes Too Small: ‘Teen Mom OG’ Sneak Peek

Catelynn Lowell is scheduled to marry her fiance, Tyler Baltierra, in August, but unfortunately, the reality star has run into a major hitch. In a sneak peek at tonight’s new episode of Teen Mom OG, via PEOPLE Magazine on May 18, Catelynn Lowell discovers she will need to lose four sizes in order to fit into her wedding dress.

In the clip, Catelynn Lowell attempts to step into the dress, but after seeing that she won’t be able to pull it completely up, she then tries to put the gown on over her head. Still, it simply won’t fit.

“I think that’s as far as we are going to be able to get it to go,” a wedding shop employee tells Catelynn Lowell after attempting to slide the dress down. “Like you said, you just had a baby two months ago, so you can’t be surprised.”

The employee then tells her, “You’ll probably have to go down, like, four sizes.”

Later in the sneak peek, Catelynn Lowell arrives home to Baltierra, and lets him know how things went at the fitting.

“It went good, the only places it didn’t fit was my a– and my boobs.”

Catelynn Lowell and her soon-to-be husband go on to discuss what needs to be done, and Lowell tells Baltierra she plans to start working on her arms by lifting weights.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Baltierra has been gushing over Catelynn Lowell in the months leading up to their summer wedding, and in February, shared the following message with his fans on Instagram.

“I cant wait to make this beautiful womam my bride in 6 months. I’m the luckiest man in the world to have such an incredible god sent angel by my side. @catelynnmtv you will never know what a blessing you have been to my life, so it looks like I will be spending the rest of my days proving it to you as your husband #MyBaby #SrongestWomanIKnow #PureAngel #BrideToBe.”

Catelynn Lowell and Baltierra have been featured on MTV for the last six years and shared tons of their relationship milestones with fans. They even let fans go inside their deepest issues on Couples Therapy, but when it comes to a Teen Mom OG wedding, nothing has yet been confirmed.

For more Catelynn Lowell, tune into Teen Mom OG on Mondays at 10 p.m., and check out the sneak peek at tonight’s new episode below.

[Photo via Twitter]