Sylvester Stallone Exhibits Paintings At Museum In France

Even tough guys have a soft side. Actor Sylvester Stallone is best known for his action movie roles especially his portrayal of Rocky Balboa. But there’s one thing about him that people rarely recognize. Before he dove into the film industry, he studied art and is therefore also an artist.

Last Saturday, Stallone was spotted in the French Riviera, not for the Cannes Film Festival, but for the opening of his recent exposition “Real Love” which is exhibited at the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art. The said exhibit will run for two weeks.

“Real Love” includes the actor’s artwork from 1975 to the present and features an interesting piece which Stallone named “Finding Rocky.” He commented on the piece. finding rocky

“There is no way you can’t be affected by what you see on the television, by what you see on the street and so it definitely sinks into the work too. I won’t say pessimistic but it’s questioning, you know, what is life, what is all about, is it worth of it.”

Stallone also explained that he has a different take on art compared to other artists. He shared further.

“My art isn’t one that educates, you know. It’s not making social statements. It’s not drawing conclusions. It’s not declaring what is right. It is not political. It’s just one man’s struggle and success and all emotions you go along in life, ups and downs.”

Furthermore, the actor also pointed out that painting is “the most honest form of all the arts.” He found it “simple, unforgiving” and said that it is there to be “studied up-close and personal.”

When asked if his exhibit has anything to do with the reputed film festival, he emphasized that it is not intentional. Stallone said, “It’s a coincidence. I’m here for this, so I’m not here to do anything affiliated with films.”

Last year, the actor participated in the Cannes Film Festival to promote the third installment of his action film The Expendables. Along with the movie’s cast, the actor made a statement by marching down the Croisette in battle tanks.

Aside from being an Academy-award nominated actor, Stallone is also a director and a screenwriter. As an artist, he was also able to showcase his artwork in Russia, Switzerland and Miami.

Stallone’s exhibit, which is admired even by Nice Mayor Christian Estrossi, will run until May 30.

[Image by Franck Pennant, Getty Images]