‘Suicide Squad’: Shirtless Shot Of Killer Croc Leaked Online

The first shirtless picture of Killer Croc from Suicide Squad was recently leaked online — and it’s good!

With many of the other characters from the big-screen adaptation, most DC Comics fans and critics were concerned about how the actors and actresses would appear in full costume.

For instance, actor Will Smith was mocked online after the first on-set pictures of his character were released — especially since he looked just like his character, James West, from the 1990s film Wild Wild West.

However, when Suicide Squad director released the first official cast photo of all of the characters in full costume, a lot of doubts and uncertainties were put to rest.

With Killer Croc, though, a lot more was needed to bring that particular character to life on the big-screen — especially since he was not going to be completely created by CGI.

Seeing actor Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje in Croc makeup with a hooded sweatshirt and jacket on in the cast photo was very exciting for many. A question that may have been asked, though, was whether or not Killer Croc would ever be shown shirtless during the highly-anticipated comic villain film.

#SuicideSquad: First Full Look At Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje As #KillerCroc http://t.co/VHtQbflBCy pic.twitter.com/0Vyk7hiDVV

— Hero Rundown (@HeroRundown) May 15, 2015

Thanks to Thalia, a Toronto blogger, that particular question has finally been answered. According to Batman News, Thalia was able to capture a quick photo of Killer Croc on the set of Suicide Squad without his jacket, hooded sweatshirt, or any other type of clothing that covers his torso. The impressive photo was posted to her Twitter page Thursday night.

Quite a few people have responded to the released image of Killer Croc on their respective Twitter pages.

What do you think about the Killer Croc look for Suicide Squad? Does it seem as if David Ayer is heading in the right direction, or will some major changes need to be made long before the movie wraps production?

[Image Credit: Batman News]