Jonathan Rhys Meyers Spotted With Vodka Bottle, Pics Leaked

Actor Jonathan Rhys Meyers was recently spotted by photographers, and he does not look like he is doing very well at all.

The Tudors actor was photographed leaving a shop while holding a bottle of Vodka and a bright blue shopping bag.

Jonathan Rhys Meyers
Jonathan Rhys Meyers spotted with a Vodka bottle

The 37-year-old actor was dressed in a grey T-shirt that was stained along with a red and black jacket, which appeared to be worn inside out.

According to Daily Mail, Meyers looked very disoriented upon leaving the shop. His somewhat-blank facial expressions were captured in quite a few of the other pictures that were taken of Jonathan Rhys Meyers and released online.

After Meyers’ mother passed away back in 2007, he spoke openly about his drinking problem in an interview to promote his popular television series, The Tudors.

During the interview, Meyers claimed that the news about his alcohol issue was blown out of proportion.

“Drinking is not the way forward for me at all. I never even drank till I was 25 anyway. I was in Thailand on my own, filming. I was a little bit lonely and I started drinking… Now drink doesn’t fit into where I want to go. I want to do something useful with my life. Drinking is not synonymous with that. And I don’t put any emphasis on it. To be honest, I just leave it alone and hope people will, too, but I don’t really care. The whole drinking thing with me has been blown out of all proportion anyway.”

Quite of a few of Jonathan’s biggest fans and critics have flocked to Twitter with their honest reactions and responses since the photographs were first released online.

Jonathan Rhys Meyers has reportedly struggled with an ongoing alcohol abuse problem for years. The Daily Mail reports that the Mission: Impossible 3 actor has been in rehab on six different occasions in recent years.

[Image Credit: Ben Pruchnie/Getty Images]