Lil Wayne, Young Thug Feud Escalates: Charlamagne Tha God Says Young Thug Is Disrespecting ‘Legend’ Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne, Young Thug beef continues

Lil Wayne and Young Thug’s beef may have escalated last month when the “Only” rapper called out the “Stoner” rapper for attempting to name his mixtape Carter 6, similar to Wayne’s own upcoming eleventh studio album, The Carter V. However, as the rappers continue to diss one another in the media, Charlamagne Tha God is now weighing in on Young Thug’s attempt to take on “legend” Lil Wayne, telling the young rapper to give Wayne “the respect he deserves.”

In a new episode of VladTV, radio host Charlamagne Tha God weighed in on the heated debate between Thug and Lil Wayne, revealing that while fans are advocating for the rapper’s newly retitled album, Barter VI, Charlamagne is refusing to even give it a listen.

Hot New Hip Hop reports that when VladTV asked Charlamagne about his opinion of Young Thug’s new album, the Power 105.1 radio host denies having listened to it.

“I have no desire to hear it. I have nothing against Young Thug. [I] don’t know the young man. I’m just not interested in his music. I don’t know what the f**k he’s saying. It’s just not for me. I’m 34 years old, I like rappers that I can actually understand [and] rappers that can articulate very well. The s**t he’s on, I ain’t on it.”

The news comes only weeks after the “6 Foot 7 Foot” rapper slammed the “Lifestyle” artist during a concert in Columbus, insinuating that Young Thug tried to steal the title of his upcoming album.

The Boom Box reports that in Lil Wayne’s rant, the rapper took subliminal shots at Thug without mentioning his name, essentially discrediting the rapper’s new album.

“If there were any other albums that dropped recently, tell em I say, ‘Suck my d***! ‘The Carter V’ coming soon. Ain’t no motherf*****g thing as ‘Carter 6.'”

Young Thug later responded to Lil Wayne’s public diss, telling fans that the rapper is his idol and that he has no interest in started a feud with the “Loyal” rapper.

“I understand that Lil Wayne is frustrated with his career and I feel him on that. But this is my idol. I wouldn’t ever in my life swap words with him or beef with him about nothing.”

While Thug eventually had to change the name of his album from Carter 6 to Barter 6 for legality purposes, Charlamagne reveals that the young rapper should have avoided getting into a beef with Lil Wayne in the first place.

“You’re playing yourself. You’re setting yourself up for failure, Young Thug, and I’mma tell you why. Be the best Young Thug you can be because people f***k with Young Thug. People like Young Thug…whatever fan base you do have, keep capitalizing off of that and keep being the best Young Thug you can be. You can’t be that young man Lil Wayne.”

Charlamagne Tha God concludes his thoughts on the rappers’ feud, calling Lil Wayne a legend in the process.

“He’s no Lil Wayne…Listen, it’s just not in him. Lil Wayne’s a legend. We gotta start giving Wayne the respect he deserves… Carter is Lil Wayne’s last name, it’s an iconic series, and you just jump out here and say, ‘Hey, I’m gonna call my album the ‘Carter 6,’ that’s just corny to me.”

What do you think of Charlamagne Tha God’s comments about Lil Wayne and Young Thug’s feud?

[Image: Getty Images / Ethan Miller]