New Viral Video Proves Japanese People Find Marmite Disgusting

While the yeast spread Marmite, known as Vegemite in Australia, is loved by some, there are many people who hate it with a passion and simply can’t stomach its salty taste.

One YouTube star, Chris Broad from the UK, has now proved with the help of his viral video that Japanese people categorically hate Marmite, and the video is pretty hysterical to watch.

As you can see in the video, Marmite tasters clearly can’t stand the taste of the spread. They exclaim things like “This is terrible!” and “This can’t be real!”

The prolific YouTuber, who emigrated to Japan back in 2012 as part of the Jet Programme, added the following caption on his video.

“Japanese people try Marmite for the first time… and it certainly got a reaction. Is the Japanese market ready for Marmite?”

When they are first handed the pot of black goo, most of the willing participants mistake it for chocolate and expect something sweet. After inspecting the jar and smelling the product, the participants smeared some onto a piece of bread and took a sheepish bite.

Having been brave and eaten the bread smeared with Marmite, the brave testers consumed as much water as they could to remove the taste from their mouths.

Even though the video was only posted on Tuesday, it has garnered over 145,000 views.

A commenter on YouTube wrote, “I love that they all finished it, they deserve a medal.”

Another said, ‘Time for a Battered Mars Bar next?”

In speaking about his work in Japan, Chris writes on his website, “Japan is an incredible place and I make YouTube videos in the hope that I can encourage more people to come here and see and experience it for themselves. I hope to also give my own insight into life here – often submerged in a pile of dry sarcastic British humour.”

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