Franklin Graham Prays Ruth Bader Ginsburg Finds His View Of God Before Supreme Court Ruling

Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the first Jewish woman to take a seat on the Supreme Court, is expected to vote in favor of marriage equality. According to Franklin Graham, this demonstrates that she doesn’t understand “the truth of scripture” and his followers must pray for her eyes to be opened.

That’s right — in the name of (Franklin Graham’s view of) religious freedom, he’d like for people to pray that Jewish Justice Ginsburg is converted to his particular set of Christian beliefs, on at least this particular topic.

Evangelist Franklin Graham has been leading his Facebook followers in prayers for each of the Supreme Court Justices in turn — first for Justice John G. Roberts, then Justice Clarence Thomas. Next was a prayer for Justice Antonin Scalia to “be aware of the impact of his decision on Bible-believing Christians,” then for Justice Anthony Kennedy to “realize the folly” in a pro-equality vote.

The call to prayer that was startling to viewers, though, was yesterday’s, for Ruth Bader Ginsburg — who is Jewish.

“Today, let’s focus our prayers on Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who has served on the Court for over two decades. Those who support same-sex marriage consider her an ally in their fight to toss God’s Holy Word aside. As the Supreme Court continues to deliberate over the constitutionality of same-sex marriage, let’s pray that Justice Ginsburg’s eyes would be opened to the truth of Scripture and that she would not be deceived by the arguments of those who seek to impose their “new morality” on our nation.”

Is having others, particularly Supreme Court Justice Ginsburg, abandon their own beliefs and convictions necessary to Franklin Graham’s religious freedom? Dissenting commenters pointed out that Bader Ginsburg already holds religious beliefs, and presumably a faith in God, as a Jewish woman.

“One point many fail to realize: Ginsburg is Jewish, not a Christian and therefore, her perspective will reflect her personal convictions.

“This complete dismissal of her faith leads me to believe he thinks Jews should have no rights either.”

Many more, though, fell in line, joining in the prayer that Justice Ginsburg would embrace Graham’s religious convictions, and vote against the measure.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg — such a strong and impressive woman, with such a determination and drive for equality, that a movie is being made to celebrate her story, is unlikely to abandon her own convictions in favor of Franklin Graham’s — but it’s still more than a little shocking that he would call on masses of people to pray for her to do so.

[Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images]