Claire Coffee’s Son Arrives As ‘Grimm’ Finale Shocks Fans: What Happens Next?

Claire Coffee’s son is a star on Instagram already. According to Us Magazine, the actress showed off the new man in her life on Friday, and she revealed to her followers that the little bundle just arrived. This is her first child with her husband Chris Thile. She also pushed fans to watch the Grimm Season 4 finale. The episode aired on Friday night, and it is safe to say that the fans were not prepared for the second major death that happened in the final moments of the episode.

On the episode before the finale, Nick found his mother’s head in a box. Her death was also a shock, and it sent Nick on a mission for revenge. He wanted to kill the person responsible, and he blamed Juliette. He figured out that Juliette contacted his mother and had her return to Portland.

In the final moments of the finale, Juliette and Nick face off. He is ready to kill her, but he changes his mind when Juliette acts normal. This was a mistake. She goes on the offense, and she is about to kill him when Trubel arrives and shoots her in the neck. Juliette appears to die before the episode ends.

However, David Greenwalt and Jim Kouf teased Zap2It that fans may see Juliette alive for Grimm Season 5. However, her being injured or killed was the “next logical step in her story.” She had “become a threat” after she became a Hexenbiest.

Greenwalt teased more about the decision to kill of Juliette with the Hollywood Reporter.

“As she, you know, turned into a Hexenbiest and went kind of wild and then started enjoying her powers and then felt so betrayed by Nick having Adalind’s baby even though it wasn’t Nick’s fault… it was just the natural way she grew and developed in the course of the season and it seemed like that was something inevitable that had to happen.”

Fans should expect to see an even darker Grimm when it returns next season.

As for Claire Coffee, her pregnancy did play out on the series. The actress shared a photo of the new arrival on her Instagram. The photo shows her napping as she holds the infant in bed next to her.

In an interview with the Daily Northwestern, Claire revealed that she went straight to the producers of the series when she learned she was pregnant. They figured out a way to work her pregnancy into the show.

“When I got pregnant in real life I told the writers and I told our creators before I even told my mom that I was pregnant because I know that I’d be pregnant for the entire season of the show. They were so supportive, but nowhere in my head did I think they would incorporate the pregnancy into the show. But they did, and they figured out a way to make it organic, and to make it cause great conflict for the characters and for my character. The character finds she’s pregnant when I was about six months pregnant… Especially in these later months, it really helped that Adalind was pregnant so I didn’t have to continue chasing around in high heels. She’s in bed and couches for the last couple episodes.”

Her character, Adalind, is pregnant with Nick’s baby, and the little boy will play a huge role in Grimm Season 5, according to Spread It. She will use her little boy to find his sister. Diane was taken from the king at the end of the finale. The news outlet also revealed that Coffee’s character would be chased by veterinarian that will want to kill her.

Fans were definitely shocked by the Grimm Season 4 finale. Some fans took to Twitter to express their feelings about the episode.

The #GrimmFinale knocked me out of my chair. More twists than an #MNightShyamalan movie. Can’t wait for this show to come back! #Grimmster

— Robert Koch (@rkvanilla) May 17, 2015

What do you think? Are you excited to see what happens next when Grimm returns? The series will return to NBC in October.

[Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images]