Farrah Fawcett: Son Redmond Wanted By Police

Farrah Fawcett passed away in 2009 after a battle with cancer, but she’s been in the headlines recently due to trouble involving both her longtime love, Ryan O’Neal, and their son, Redmond.

Redmond O’Neal is reportedly wanted by police after a judge revoked his probation and issued a bench warrant following a report from his parole officer that said the 30-year old was in violation of the terms of his parole. O’Neal was arrested in 2011 for heroin possession, but has reportedly had several run-ins with the law and has battled drug addiction for years. His father has said in the past that Redmond has never been able to cope with the loss of his mother and has turned to drugs for help. Redmond’s sister, actress Tatum O’Neal, said in 2011 that the family could only keep him in their prayers.

“He’s an addict. Addicts keep using until they want to stop. We’re praying for him every day,” Tatum said.

Fawcett’s name was in the news last year as well, when Ryan O’Neal was involved in a contentious lawsuit with the University of Texas at Austin over two pieces of Andy Warhol’s art featuring Farrah’s likeness. When Fawcett died, she left the entirety of her art collection to the institution, including a Warhol painting and a drawing he did of her on a cloth napkin. When it was discovered that O’Neal had a painting nearly identical to the one left to the school, it became a legal matter which O’Neal won. It was decided that the napkin would be auctioned off, with the proceeds to be divided between the two parties.

“We worked hard to honor the wishes of our donor and will always seek to honor donors’ wishes. In so doing, we also sought to secure a piece of art that has cultural significance and is valuable in our academic, educational and outreach missions. At this point in time, though, this agreement is the appropriate resolution,” said Gary Susswein, a spokesman for the school.

O’Neal said he felt the painting belonged to him and that he wanted to keep it for their son.

Redmond O’Neal has not commented on his current legal troubles, and a rep for Ryan O’Neal declined to comment to People Magazine.

[Photo courtesy Larry King]