'Pitch Perfect 3' Could Happen If 'Pitch Perfect 2' Is Successful

Oliver VanDervoort

Pitch Perfect 2 could soon be followed up by Pitch Perfect 3 if Elizabeth Banks has her way. The director of the newest movie in what could soon become a trilogy has gone on record saying that there will be another film, as long as Pitch Perfect 2 is as successful as people are hoping it will be. Of course, there are some people who are not as in love with Anna Kendrick and the Barden Bellas as others.

"If fans embrace it, we are going to seriously think about what the continuing journey would look like, but we don't know what that is yet," Banks said about the possibility of Pitch Perfect 3.

There are certainly fans who are embracing the new film, although the critics are clearly not as impressed by this second film as they were with the original. Having said all that, Pitch Perfect 2 is having plenty of success in the theaters.

The real question when it comes to Pitch Perfect 3 is which of the actors might return. There are members of the series who have already gone on record as saying they also want a third film. Rebel Wilson claimed she had already signed on for a third Pitch Perfect. That was before there was any real reason to believe that third installment existed. As Bustle points out, the writer for the first two films, Kay Cannon, has made it clear she would be more than happy to write a third.

"I do want to write the third one. I don't want to give over my baby to someone else," Cannon said earlier this year.

As far as actors like Anna Kendrick and Brittany Snow, the problem becomes the fact that Pitch Perfect 2 also saw the end of their college careers. It's possible they could both return as teachers or mentors, but when a film has to go that route, it generally means that the series has officially run its course. The real question to all of this is whether or not the general public really wants yet another film in this franchise. Certainly there are plenty of people who love what the films have to offer, but there is definitely some question as to whether or not there is enough to really make yet another in the series. If people like Anna Kendrick don't return, one has to wonder if Pitch Perfect 2 shouldn't be the end.

[Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images]