Salma Hayek Gets Best Acting Direction From Her 7-Year-Old Daughter, Calls Out Hollywood

Salma Hayek is a veteran in the acting world where she has received high acclaim for her roles in numerous silver screen hits, such as Frida. She clearly takes direction well, but her ear is not always only bent to the producers and directors while working on a given project. Heyek’s 7-year-old daughter Valentina reportedly is the star’s go to for tips and advice while on set.

Salma and her daughter Valentina; image via

As Bang relays, Valentina, who Salma had with her husband François-Henri Pinault, “loves being present on set during filming and is quick to offer valuable tips.”

Footage from a “twisted fairy tale” in which Hayek eats a serpent’s heart, has recently caused a buzz. During the filming of this movie, Tale of Tales, Salma apparently found it hard to stomach this very scene and utilized the advice offered by Valentina in order to get through it. The serpent prop, which was made of pasta and sweets, was enough to make the 48-year-old’s stomach turn, yet Hayek told Page Six that Valentina saved the day by telling her mother to take “small bites from the front of the heart” followed by “spitting them out.”

It’s wonderful that Valentina is such an integral part of Salma’s acting career because the star was very near to giving up her career as an actress in order to be able to spend more time with her daughter. Bang relays Heyek’s struggle with the decision to continue on with her film career.

”I was very frustrated in my early forties because after ‘Frida’ I was disappointed that I wasn’t getting good roles; when I had my baby I thought that this was my new life and so why should I keep being unhappy in my career. Acting had become more like a hobby rather than something I was driven to do.”

Hayek now admits she is satisfied with her decision to carry on in her career and has the best of both worlds because her little one shares enthusiasm that is paralleled with her own when it comes to onset make-believe.

Although the beautiful and talented star is pleased to have such a fun opportunity with her daughter while working in film, Hayek has been less than pleased with how women are treated in Hollywood and has recently made her opinions known. The Telegraph reports her words.

“Cinema undermines women’s intelligence. It’s been doing it for some time now. They don’t see us as a powerful economic force, which is really incredible ignorance.”

Perhaps Salma Hayek’s intelligent and pertinent message will help to improve Hollywood’s behavior towards women in the industry so that her daughter can be a part of it unaffected.

[Feature image via Popsugar ]