'The Following' Cancelled, Kevin Bacon Sends Big Love To Fans, But Doesn't Say Who Dies In Finale

The Following just didn't have enough of a following to convince Fox to keep it for another season. The bloody drama, starring Kevin Bacon and James Purefoy, is dark, unsettling and perhaps not to everyone's taste. It features anti-hero Ryan Hardy (Bacon) coping with his own version of PTSD, and a relentless, inevitable peril that threatens anyone in his "three-foot circle" with "the wrath of it all." Despite all the edgy darkness, plenty of fans are going to miss The Following.

With the two hour finale slated for Monday, May 18, there are still rumors that another distribution platform will pick up The Following. Kevin Bacon might want to carry on, but he isn't holding his breath waiting for the announcement. He's tweeted "big love" to fans and thanks to writers, producers, and crew.The series finale isn't likely to resolve everything, and according to TV blog Den of Geek, fans may be left hanging if no one takes on The Following for another season.
"[In] the final two hours, we'll be picking up directly from episode 13 with the brutal stabbing of Mike, and Mike's life hanging in the balance," THE FOLLOWING co-showrunner Brett Mahoney teased. "And what that means for the relationship between Mike and Max. We pick up directly from there."
Some questions will be answered though. TV Guide's episode description makes it clear that The Following will follow its usual path of death and twists. Some major characters will die and some will turn out to be not "what they seem."

"There will be deaths," Mahoney says. "And I will say, in the finale, one character's true nature will be revealed."

A big question is whether or not Mike will live. On life support and barely hanging in there, Mike could be one of the deaths that Mahoney refers to. His love life is only recently back on track with Max, and it would be following precedent to snatch happiness away.

The Following is a blood-curdling show peppered with gunspray; it drips violence and delves into dark places. It lacked a continued strong following after the first season, but it had a lot of good writing and made a splash. It is a show that pushes the envelope a bit, takes risks with violence, explores a "unique killer-captor relationship," and keeps its following always guessing, never completely sure about anything.

Like The Following Fox said on Instagram, it was just too good to be true.

The Following too good to be true

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