Taco Bell: Introducing The Quesalupa

New changes to Taco Bell’s menu will have even more people saying, “Yo quiero Taco Bell!” As promised, Taco Bell will soon be serving the Quesalupa on their national menu, and not just as a special. The delicious food is here to stay.

The popular fast food chain tested the Quesalupa in just the Toledo, OH area. It was introduced as a limited time special during the first week of February. The special was part of a marketing technique fast food chains often use to determine the types of items can be successfully added to their menus. If the consumers love the item, it will hit stores nationwide. If they hate it, it’s time to regroup and come up with a new item.

The Quesalupa received so much success that the company officials are giving it permanent residence on the Taco Bell menu nationwide, as Matt Prince, Taco Bell spokesman confirmed with the Toledo Blade.

“We had very high expectations for the product and they not only were met but we exceeded all of them.”

He promised that it would reach every Taco Bell menu in the United States before the year is out.

For all those who haven’t had a chance to try the new menu item, the Quesalupa is made with Taco Bell’s iconic flaky, crispy, fried-shell taco and it’s stuffed with melted cheese, beef, lettuce, sour cream, and diced tomatoes. It’s like a fried and fattening combination of the quesadilla and the chalupa, both extremely popular menu items.

Apparently, Toledo is the go-to test market for Taco Bell menu items. In the past, marketers have been able to gauge just how much the rest of the country will love an item based on their reaction. Any other special item that has made it to the menu nationwide was approved in Toledo first, and they haven’t been wrong yet about what the rest of America will love.

Thanks to the booming success of this one item, the Tex-Mex food chain is considering making a breakfast Quesalupa to go along with their other fresh, fun breakfast items.

And this isn’t the only new thing that could be hitting Taco Bell menus this year. According to a story published previously on Inquistr, they could be selling alcohol soon. The new Taco Bell opening in the Wicker Park neighborhood of Chicago applied for a liquor license. The chain has applied for a license in the past for other stores without luck. Only time will tell if such a dynamic change will be as successful as Taco Bell’s new Quesalupa is expected to be.

[Image via FoodBeast]