Drake’s New Album: New Hashtag Started — #IfDrakeHadDancers

Drake's New Album New Hashtag Started — IfDrakeHadDancers

Drake’s new album is set to release in 2015. It’s said that his style is going to be different. But will it be so different that Drake will have dancers too?

In another editorial, it’s said that Drizzy is aiming for a different sound with his new album, Views from the 6. So far, it’s known that Beyonce and PARTYNEXTDOOR will be featured on Drake’s new songs.

Drake's New Album New Hashtag Started — IfDrakeHadDancers IV

However, one thing mainstream male rappers don’t really have is dancers. A few female rappers have had dancers in the past, even now with Nicki Minaj. Yet, what if Aubrey Graham decided to change that? If Drake had dancers, what would that be like?

Well, a group of dancers have posed such a scenario. While Drizzy’s songs are playing, four groups of performers illustrate how it would be if they were in Graham’s background. It has actually started a hashtag as well, #IfDrakeHadDancers. The video was created by choreographer WillDaBeast Adams. Though it’s fictitious, it’s still quite the idea, and his choreography matches Drake’s songs.

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Much anticipation has been growing about Drizzy’s View’s from the 6. Aside from Kanye, Drake would be another of the few male rappers who have had dancers interpret his songs in the background. It’s one thing to have “hype men” on the stage with you as an artist. However, think of dancers the way Missy Elliott stole the 2015 Super Bowl Halftime Show.

Anyone who knows Missy knew what to expect. However, those who aren’t from that era soon discovered what on-stage choreography is supposed to look like. Afterwards, her old hits became number one on iTunes.

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Maybe if Drake had some dancers at his Coachella performance, it would have gone a lot better for him and he would’ve received less criticism? It’s no guarantee, of course. However, like many other variables, it’s a possibility.

Though it may not be what Drake’s concerts will contain right now, it’s nice to be open to music and performance ideas. As mentioned in a previous article from Inquisitr, Drizzy’s new album is set to shock and awe, with out-the-box styles that differ from what his fans know. Kendrick Lamar recently did it with his newest album, To Pimp a Butterfly.

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Aubrey has a way with words, as so many of his fanatics acclaim. Do you think his new album will trump Lamar’s spoken-word styled album? Moreover, does Drake need dancers? Feel free to express your thoughts in the comments below.

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