‘The Wrong Girl’ Lifetime Movie Airs Tonight, Also Known As ‘Fatal Friend’

The Wrong Girl, the latest Lifetime movie, is due to air tonight. The Wrong Girl centers around Sophia and her new friend, Grace. When Sophia meets Grace, her mother knows instantly that something just doesn’t seem right about her new friend. The mother tries to explain to her daughter that it is sometimes impossible to ever really know who a person truly is, and that sometimes one has to rely on their gut feeling. At first, Sophia believes her mother is just being paranoid until a series of strange events threatens to disrupt Sophia’s life at school and endanger her family. To keep her family safe, Sophia will stop at nothing to stop Grace from destroying their lives.

Not to be confused with another movie entitled The Wrong Girl, a 1999 movie that aired on Lifetime that was based on an actual true story.

The Wrong Girl movie was first made under the title Fatal Friends, which was produced by Fatal Productions and Odyssey Media. The script was written by Peter Sullivan and directed by Jason Bourque. Filming for the movie took place in Canada. According to The Internet Movie Database (IMDB), this newest Lifetime flick stars Jamie Luner, Kirsten Prout, and Sarah Grey.

As with most Lifetime movies, the question of whether this movie is based on a true story always comes up. The producers don’t advertise the movie as a true events movie, but it is possible that the idea for the movie may have been sparked by the first movie, which was about a mother who had a strong feeling that her son’s girlfriend had a dangerous past, and that she may have had a hand in his death. The 1999 movie was inspired by a true story that made national headlines as the mother tried to prove that the death of her daughter had been orchestrated by her boyfriend, according to the Movies Based On True Stories Archives.

The one thing that the old The Wrong Girl movie has in common with the new Lifetime movie is that they both feature a mother who tries to convince their child that their new friend is potentially a fatal friend. Here is the tease for tonight‘s movie airing tonight at 8/7c on Lifetime.

“Sophia is the perfect 17-year-old girl. She studies hard, stays out of trouble, and is a promising pianist. The only problem is that she’s always been quiet and keeps to herself, so when she strikes up a friendship with Grace, the new girl in school, her parents are happy for her. Unfortunately it’s not long before Grace starts showing signs of being possessive. Then, when she tries to destroy Sophia’s family and seduce her would-be boyfriend, Sophia can’t help but wonder if she’s befriended the wrong girl. Now, Sophia must uncover Grace’s secret past and learn the truth about her new friend before it’s too late.”

[Image from Lifetime]