Seattle Seahawks Rumors: Russell Wilson Contract Extension Not Coming From Seahawks?

Seattle Seahawks rumors about a Russell Wilson contract extension could frustrate fans. The Seahawks and Wilson have been negotiating a new deal during the NFL offseason, but a report from the Seattle PI on Friday, May 15, sheds some really negative light on the situation. A key piece to the report is the revelation of a source claiming that an extension between the Seahawks and Wilson is “highly unlikely” to take place during the NFL offseason. It suggests that the two sides could wait until the 2016 NFL offseason to re-open negotiations.

It had previously been reported on the Inquisitr that Russell Wilson was in the news for a selfless action he made. While on a flight back to Seattle, he gave up his first-class seat to an army veteran. It really showed what type of person Wilson is, and it caused Seahawks fans to become even more enamored with him. These rumors about problems in the negotiation phase aren’t being met kindly on social media, as fans just want him to be locked up long-term as soon as possible.

As for the details on the negotiation phase, the Seattle Times reported that there was an offer on the table for $80 million over the next five years. It doesn’t get close to the estimated $20 million per season that Russell Wilson was rumored to want in his contract extension. In regard to where all of this information is coming from, most of the reports credit “anonymous sources” near the team when it comes to the contract details. It means that while the numbers and negotiations do seem to indicate a stalemate, the situation also might be getting overblown.

The reality is that these Seattle Seahawks rumors haven’t been officially confirmed, and that the team could possibly still be close to making a deal with quarterback Russell Wilson before the 2015 NFL season begins. It would certainly make life a lot less stressful for head coach Pete Carroll, especially if he had his quarterback locked up in a long-term deal. Another reality here is that even if the two sides cannot come to terms, the Seahawks can place the franchise tag on him during the next NFL offseason to keep Wilson in Seattle.

All of the Seattle Seahawks rumors about Russell Wilson could soon become a severe distraction for Pete Carroll and his team if nothing comes of it before the NFL season begins. A best case scenario would be for the Seahawks to get him to sign a long-term deal soon so that they can move on to other aspects of preparing for 2015.

[Image Source: Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images]