Charlize Theron’s Engagement Ring: Speculation Points To Sean Penn Relationship Getting More Serious

Is that Charlize Theron's engagement ring or something else entirely?

Is Charlize Theron sporting an engagement ring? Rumors are circling that the actress’ relationship with Sean Penn could be more serious than she’s letting on.

This isn’t the only big news surrounding Theron, as it was the Mad Max: Fury Road premiere where she was first seen with the ring, as she walked with her rumored fiance. The film has generated plenty of controversy itself over the allegedly feminist plot, as previously reported by the Inquisitr.

Being a major character in the film, Charlize Theron has become the center of a lot of attention. That ring she was photographed wearing could indicate Sean Penn is getting a generous dose of attention from her in turn.

The announcement has not been made public either way, though rumors continue to circulate that Penn “is revitalized with Charlize.” While the quote taken from New York Daily News may have been speculation itself, she was also spotted with the bauble walking through Los Angeles International Airport on Wednesday.

If the rumors surrounding Charlize Theron‘s engagement ring (if that is indeed what it is) are true, this will be Penn’s third marriage, and a first for the Mad Max star. There is also the rumor that Theron wants another baby, a younger sibling for her two-year-old bundle of joy, Jackson. Penn would likely be helping her make that happen as well.

The ring in question is a pear-shaped diamond appearing to be six to eight carats, and set in an engraved band, which may be platinum, says Glamour. A ring like that appearing on the finger, where it’s been seen twice, certainly raises questions.

Nothing has been confirmed or denied about Charlize Theron and Sean Penn as they seem to be keeping most of their relationship secret. This is assuming there is any secret to keep.

For now, eager fans are asking a very simple question: Is that Charlize Theron’s engagement ring, or does it signify something else?

[Image via Danny E. Martindale / Getty Images]