Philadelphia Eagles Rumors: Tim Tebow May End Up Being One Of Team’s Most Important Players

The Philadelphia Eagles are rumored to have some big plans for Tim Tebow — as long as the rest of the NFL plays along.

This offseason Chip Kelly surprised the league by signing Tebow, who appeared to be on his way to NFL obscurity. After leading the Denver Broncos to a playoff berth in 2011, Tebow spent one uneventful season on the bench for the New York Jets and then never played again.

Though he stayed in game shape and even worked with noted quarterback coach Tom House, Tebow watched as other quarterbacks got snatched up in free agency. When Tebow moved to the analyst booth and joined the SEC Network, many assumed that his playing days were behind him.

But Chip Kelly’s signing changed that, and the Philadelphia Eagles coach is rumored to have something big in mind for Tebow. Kelly has been pushing for the NFL to change the extra point format, moving kicks back to the 15-yard line and moving the two-point conversion line up to the 1-yard line.

From that distance, it would likely be better than a 50-50 proposition for teams to convert, but for a big quarterback as powerful at Tim Tebow, the 1-yard distance could be almost automatic.

It seems so tailed to Tebow’s abilities that many are even calling the proposal the “Tim Tebow rule.”

From, “If the league accepts the Eagles’ proposal Tebow might soon be known as the two-point quarterback in much the same way as Randall Cunningham was dubbed the third-down QB early in his career.”

“The Eagles are also on board with making the extra point – virtually automatic now – more difficult by moving the ball from the 2- to the 15-yard line.”

There are some who still believe that Tim Tebow was signed simply to bring some competition and serve as an extra quarterback in training camp. Zach Berman of the Philadelphia Inquirer noted that the Eagles had five quarterbacks on the roster going into the 2013 preseason, and had four last year. And with Sam Bradford still recovering from his season-ending injury, the Eagles are even more in need of a quarterback.

Philadelphia Eagles fans will find out soon whether the Tim Tebow rumors have any weight. Owners are set to vote on proposed rule changes at this month’s meeting, and a shift in the two-point conversion spot could all but ensure Tebow a spot on the team.

[Image via Getty Images/ Jared Wickerham]