Amber Portwood Ditches Her Recovery Plan? ‘Yes I Drink,’ Admits Known Addict

Amber Portwood was believed to have been sober for the last two-and-a-half years, since the Teen Mom OG star was released from prison. However, according to a new tweet, the reality star often drinks, and doesn’t feel it impacts her recovery.

On May 14, Amber Portwood shared the following message with fans on Twitter:

“My Birthday picnic from my babe.”

In a photo shared with the message, Amber Portwood revealed quite the romantic setup. In addition to sandwiches and macaroni salad, Amber Portwood was gifted a personal cake with the numbers “25” at the top, by her fiance, Matthew Baier. Also worth mentioning were the two glasses filled with what appeared to be a white wine, chardonay or champagne.

In June 2012, Amber Portwood, who the Inquisitr reported recently lost 20 pounds, announced she would be entering prison to serve a five-year term, after determining she was unable to kick her drug habit on the streets. Upon her release in November 2013, Amber Portwood wrote a book, chronicling her journey through years of addiction.

So, what is she doing drinking alcohol? After sharing the photo, that’s exactly what tons of fans were wondering, and a short while later, Amber Portwood explained herself.

“People yes I drink wine on special problem was pills never alcohol.”

While Amber Portwood may not have been an alcoholic, she’s certainly not sober as she claims if she’s drinking. Any addict who is currently in a recovery program is fully aware that alcohol is considered to be a drug, and using it would be considered a relapse.

Following Amber Portwood’s post, several users, who appeared educated on the subject of true sobriety weighed in. Below are a few of their messages to the Teen Mom star:

“Sobriety means to abstain from drugs and alcohol. So she’s not sober. She just doesn’t use pills anymore.”

“Just be careful, sweetheart. It’s a slippery slope and you’re doing SOO well…”

“Addicts are supposed to stay away from all mind altering substances.”

Another Twitter user even suggested Dr. Drew weigh in on the subject, as he is known for his involvement in recovery and dealing with addicts.

Amber Portwood may feel she is able to drink without wanting to use drugs, but as Twitter users explained, she is putting herself at risk, and when it comes to addiction, it’s never a good idea to push the limits.

Should Amber Portwood continue to drink, or is the reality star playing with fire?

[Photo via Facebook]