Jamie Lee Curtis Killer Role On ‘Scream Queens’ With Ariana Grande, Lea Michele, Emma Roberts In New Trailer [Video]

Jamie Lee Curtis plays a killer in Scream Queens… maybe. The actress is just one piece of the puzzle for Ryan Murphy’s new show that also features Ariana Grande, Lea Michele, Abigail Breslin, and Nick Jonas, reported HitFix.

For Jamie, the role is deliciously familiar. From Halloween to Prom Night, the iconic horror actress is in her element now that her new series has begun. Watch the trailer below to see who you can identify.


As the Inquisitr reported, Emma Roberts is thrilled with her role in Scream Queens.

“The show itself is more comedy. I literally was crying laughing when Ryan [Murphy] was telling me about it, and telling me some jokes on it.”

And the actress offered her own predictions.

“It [is] going to be a lot of girls, and it reminds me of Coven in a way that it is just like having all that female energy on set,” Emma declared.

In Scream Queens, Jamie returns to her past as Ryan, hot on the heels of his Glee success, evokes and spoofs the popular slasher films of years gone by, reported Entertainment Weekly.

Scheduled to air on Fox in the fall, the show was created by Murphy, Brad Falchuk, and Ian Brennan.

Heathers meets Friday the 13th,” sums up Ryan of the concept.

Scream Queens tells the spooky story of a killer who is secretly stalking a college sorority. Others in the cast include Emma Roberts, Jamie Lee Curtis, Lea Michele, Keke Palmer, Oliver Hudson, Abigail Breslin, Nick Jonas, and Ariana Grande.

As for the plot, Ryan is candid about his obsession with the slasher genre.

“Brad and Ian and I, all three of us, were always obsessed with the ’80s/early ’90s slasher genre that was always about young people and always about coming of age. So we loved that and we decided to sort of be inspired by that idea. That was sort of the impetus of it..I really like the idea of doing a comedy and doing sort of anthological comedy. What I love about it is when it’s funny, it’s funny. And when it’s scary, it’s scary.”

So is Jamie Lee Curtis the killer? Ryan contends that when viewers watch the show, they may think that almost everyone is actually the slasher.

“In the very first episode you meet all the characters and then the killings start happening on this college campus. Every character in the piece has the motivation to be the killer,” he explained.

But for those who think it sounds too scary to watch, Murphy is quick to clarify that it’s also meant to be light-hearted fun.

“So when you’re watching it, part of the fun is, Okay who did it? It’s not revealed until the last episode when literally the mask of the Red Devil, who is the killer, comes off and we say, Boom here’s your killer.”

[Image via Fox/Scream Queens]

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