'Walking Dead' Spoilers: Are The Wolves About To Attack?

During last season of The Walking Dead, fans speculated about a mysterious group called The Wolves on the TV series, who have been leaving graffiti on walls and carving W's into the foreheads of walkers missing arms and legs. The biggest question circulating among Walking Dead fans was whether The Wolves were modeled after The Scavengers or The Saviors in the comic book series, or a whole new group altogether. In the comics, The Scavengers were led by Derek and The Saviors led by the infamous Negan. Walking Dead fans have been giving regular reports from Georgia on the filming, and it seems that question has been answered once and for all by The Spoiling Dead Fans postings. Major spoilers ahead, so stop reading now if you don't want to know.

While rumors have run wild for quite some time about who will be cast as Negan, the baseball bat wielding villain from The Walking Dead comic books, it appears pretty clear from photos by bystanders that The Wolves are based on The Scavengers. What is the giveaway? One photo in particular shows four new characters, including a bald character that bears a remarkable resemblance to Derek in the comic books, lurking outside the gates of the Alexandria Safe Zone.

walking dead wolves derek
Walking Dead photos from the Georgia film set of Alexandria, showing four new cast members.

For those not familiar with the comic book version of The Walking Dead, Derek is known for his ominous greeting at the gate of Alexandria.

walking dead derek scavengers
Derek of The Scavengers in The Walking Dead comic series.

Executive Producer (and special effects makeup artist) Greg Nicotero confirmed to Melty that The Wolves are some serious bad guys, explaining what they are up to as a group. He said The Wolves turn their victims into an army of walkers they use to build "booby traps," which are semi trucks full of walkers that they unleash on survivors to rob people of their possessions.

"It's kind of a diabolical plan."
Diabolical indeed, although to their credit, they aren't turning people into livestock, at least not yet. Walking Dead fans could argue that the Terminus cannibals still hold the title of worst humans ever on the show, as forcing your human cattle to watch you go down the line splattering skulls might be slightly more diabolical.

Speaking of Terminus, Season 5 opened with a bang and it looks like The Walking Dead won't waste much time getting bloody early in Season 6, either. The cast is allegedly only filming the second episode of the current season of The Walking Dead, and other photos from the set show the story appears to be getting into heavy action already. Fan photos show The Wolves setting up their traps right outside the entrance gate of Alexandria, and smoke has been seen coming from the Safe Zone compound. Spoiling Dead fans on site also reported an assault on the wall of Alexandria.

"Today's filming at the Gin [the Alexandria set] had the truck and trailer driving towards the safe zone. A ton of gunshots could be heard. The truck and trailer ran into the wall and tower. There was talk of an explosion, but one could not be seen. It was also heard they would be applying 'bullet holes' to the truck and trailer."
the walking dead spoilers
The Wolves appear to be setting up their trailer traps at the door of the Alexandria Safe Zone on the set of The Walking Dead.

So, it looks like the pampered Alexandria residents, fussing over prosciutto and pasta machines last season, are about to get their first real taste of post-zombie apocalyptic combat. Season 5 of The Walking Dead ended with Rick (Andrew Lincoln) having a bit of a meltdown and almost being booted from the Safe Zone, but let's see how those Alexandria residents feel about Rick now when they come under attack. "The new world's gonna need Rick Grimes" indeed.