Ryan Murphy Compares ‘Scream Queens’ To A ‘Weird, F***ed-Up Hunger Games’ [Video]

Possibly the most-anticipated new series in Fox’s line-up, Scream Queens, seems to be on everyone’s mind and part of the reason for that is Ryan Murphy’s tight lips in regard to most things related to Scream Queens. Honestly, little is known about Scream Queens, beyond the cast, some of the characters’ names, and a very general plot synopsis that leaves Ryan Murphy’s fans begging for more details.

Even after Murphy released this new Scream Queens trailer, the new Fox comedy-horror series is still shrouded in more mystery than any other new series.

Ryan Murphy attends social gatherings frequently and he seems to delight in being the elephant in the room, so to speak. Those daring enough to confront the Scream Queens mastermind with questions, often come away scratching their heads. Even a recent Vulture reporter came away with the enigmatic response that Scream Queens will be like “some weird, f***ed-up Hunger Games” series.

Ryan would say little specifically about Scream Queens episodes, but he always seems eager to discuss his cast and their work of which he is obviously so very proud. Particularly gleeful, Murphy reports often that Scream Queens would not have come to fruition without Jamie Lee Curtis. Mr. Murphy freely admits that Ms. Curtis has always been an idol to him and that the entire concept of Scream Queens is influenced by the actress and her work. In many ways, Murphy says, Scream Queens is a tribute to Jamie Lee Curtis.

Ryan Murphy is almost as excited to be working with all of the performers on the Scream Queens cast.

“I could spend six months casting it because we found out very early and, literally, I just went after people I loved and was a fan of like Jamie Lee and Emma, of course, who I’ve worked with, and Lea [Michele] who I wanted to do something f***ed up and different with, and people like Glen Powell and Keke Palmer, who I was like, ‘I want to meet them.’ I always come at it from a place of love and being a fan…”

Emma Roberts can always be counted on to jump into a conversation and spill the beans, but Ryan Murphy seems to enjoy her input as well as her robust demeanor. Ms. Roberts makes the set of Scream Queens sound like a high school study hall with tales of fond memories and more fun than business.

“None of us can keep a straight face. Literally, we’re on set and it’s like a serious scene and once we start doing it it’s like, ‘I can’t look at you. Stop looking at me.’ None of us can look at each other because we’re all young girls and so close and it’s mayhem.”

Hijacking the interview, Ms. Roberts continues talking about the thrill of working on the Scream Queens set and on the location, a familiar city from her American Horror Story days.

“It’s so fun. We’re all in New Orleans, so it’s kind of like a big slumber party between all of us, and on top of that we’re working late nights doing the craziest stuff that we can’t reveal yet. Sometimes we just look at each other and are like, ‘Are we really doing this? Yes, we’re doing it. This is crazy and scary and fun.'”

Still, Ryan Murphy never lets up on his Scream Queens secrecy. Even Emma Roberts herself reports that the rules are strict in that regard, making it seem more like they’re working in a government agency than on a television series.

“I mean, as much as we talk about everything, he still keeps me on my toes. The script gets left under my door in an envelope, and I feel like I’m part of the CIA. I pick it up and I read it and I’m surprised every week…But I think that’s what makes all of our performances so good, is he doesn’t tell us what’s happening so we’re not playing certain things; we’re playing it at face value.”

Scream Queens will air on Tuesdays on Fox, when the fall line-up commences.

[Featured image: Emma Roberts in Scream Queens, courtesy of Fox]