NFL ‘Love Letter’ To Tom Brady Gets Laughed At By Sports Critics

On April 15, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell wrote Patriots quarterback Tom Brady a controversial letter which the four-time MVP shared on social media. After careful analysis of its content, sports critics are now laughing at it, calling it a “love letter.” According to them, Goodell’s “hilarious” letter was full of ironies and tons of passive statements.

Yahoo! Sports, in particular, compared Brady’s current relationship with the NFL to a high school couple “that’s broken up yet must share the same halls together until summer vacation.” In a recent article, they pointed out the “great disconnect” in the Deflategate controversy: both Brady and the NFL need each other far more than they want to admit. And since neither is willing to come forward with their true feelings, “they’ll carry out this awkward ballet of forced smile and passive-aggressive declarations forevermore.”

The letter, which Brady received just days before his four-game suspension, was basically written as an invitation for the football icon to participate in the various events related to the NFL’s 50th anniversary. In it, Goodell praised Brady numerous times, which only made sports critics chuckle some more.

The invitation opens with a line that went, “The rich history of the National Football League is highlighted by fantastic games, iconic moments and incredible talent.” If the letter was addressed to someone else, this statement would have been acceptable. However, it was sent to Brady, who for many years has played those “fantastic games”, made those “iconic moments” and apparently is one of those “incredible talents” in NFL.

Furthermore, Goodell also thanked Brady for everything that he “contributed to our great game.” Where was all that appreciation when they suspended the football player?

The commissioner didn’t stop there. In the letter, he stated, “There will be many opportunities for you to be involved.” Now, try to read that line again. Can you sense the passivity that it exudes?

Finally, he ended his letter with emphasis, “Sincerely, ROGER GOODELL.” This could have been an attempt by the commissioner to assert his authoritative position, but sports critics are not taking it seriously. Jokingly, Yahoo! Sports interpreted its implication saying, “The ALL CAPS means I AM A SERIOUS COMMISSIONER.”

tom brady NFL letter

Despite the NFL’s verdict, a source claimed that there is a possibility that Brady’s suspension can be overturned.

[Image via TomBrady, Facebook/Dilip Vishwanat, Getty Images]