Harrison Ford May Become A ‘Fugitive’…Again

Warner Brothers has already greenlighted the third installment of The Fugitive film, but there is still no confirmation that original lead actor Harrison Ford is going to be a part of its production.

The Fugitive initially started out as a television series back in the 60s. When it was adapted into a movie starring Ford and Tommy Lee Jones in 1993, it became a global hit, garnering a worldwide revenue of $368 million. It also earned Jones an Oscar award for best supporting actor.

The first film captured its global audience with superb performances from the two seasoned actors. It was also jam-packed with brilliantly executed action scenes. In its storyline, Ford played the role of a doctor named Kimble, who was falsely accused of murdering his wife. He went on the run to search for his wife’s killer while being hunted down by US Marshal Samuel Gerard played by Jones.

A sequel entitled US Marshals was then produced in 1998. Jones made a comeback for the second installment as he took on the same role of a US Marshal, this time hunting down another criminal played by Wesley Snipes. Unlike its predecessor, the US Marshals was a disappointment making a meager global revenue of only $102 million. It also received a lot of negative reviews from viewers and film critics.

The storyline for the third installment has yet to be unveiled but the team will be welcoming a new script writer, newcomer Chistina Hodson. The writer has yet to make her fame in the film industry but she already has one respectable project under her belt: thriller film Shut In starring Naomi Watts.

The film is also welcoming the comeback of its original producers, production duo Anne and Arnold Kopelson. With the two back on board, there is a big possibility that Ford or Jones will be approached to make a return on the third installment.

If Ford is to star again on the third The Fugitive film, it will not be his first time to retrace a role. In the few past years, the 72-year-old actor has been backtracking his iconic roles, including his famous Star Wars character Hans Solo. In December, he will be back on screen in the upcoming Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Meanwhile, Ford is still recovering from a recent plane accident. Last March, he crashed his single-engine vintage plane while flying over Venice, California.

[Image via YouTube]