Actor Says Brock Lesnar Lashed Out At His Brother At UFC 184

Aaron Sass

Back on February 28, former WWE and UFC Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar made headlines by appearing at UFC 184 just one month before his WWE contract was set to expire. When Lesnar appeared at the event, everyone assumed he was there to meet with UFC President Dana White, and talk about potentially coming back to the UFC. Since then, Lesnar has said that he wasn't there for a meeting with White, but that he was there to feel the energy of a big fight, and see if he was still interested in stepping inside the octagon.

Lesnar simply appearing at UFC 184 wasn't the only headline he made while at the event as it's just come out that he apparently berated actor Skylar Astin's brother after he encouraged Lesnar to come back to the UFC.

Astin appeared on The Fighter and the Kid podcast, hosted by comedian Bryan Callen and UFC heavyweight Brendan Schaub, and said that his brother -- who was sitting cage side -- approached Lesnar and said "dude, you gotta come back." Lesnar responded by lashing out at him, and saying "Sit the f*** down! You don't know s***! What the f***?"

Astin then said that Lesnar would glare back at him and his brother sporadically throughout the night, and said that he was confused as to what Lesnar was trying to accomplish. He thought that Lesnar was either a psychopath, or that he was just trying to play his heel WWE character.

"It was kind of funny, but also scary because I'm watching a three-piece suit Brock Lesnar stare back at my brother every once in awhile, and I'm, like, trying to diffuse it just being, like, I think that either he's a psycho and/or he's in WWE mode where he's playing a heel and is like, just f**** with the fans."

[Image via Jeff Battari / Zuffa LLC]