Maroon 5 Singer Adam Levine Gets Little Support From Blake Shelton Following Sugar Bomb Attack

Maroon 5 singer Adam Levine may have been shaken up after being unceremoniously sugar-bombed last week while signing autographs for fans. However, despite receiving an outpouring of support via social media regarding the random incident, fellow The Voice coach Blake Shelton didn’t extend words of encouragement to the Maroon 5 frontman.

According to Us Weekly, Shelton opened up about his feelings regarding Levine’s sugar bomb attack to reporters during The Voice Top 5 semifinals on Monday, May 11, admitting that while he felt bad for the Maroon 5 star, he didn’t feel the need to be concerned about him.

“I could pretty much tell he was okay when I saw the pictures of him with the flour slammed across his face,” Blake admits, continuing the debate regarding whether or not Levine was attacked with flour or powdered sugar.

“I was like, ‘Eh, he still looks like he’s standing upright.’ I’m not worried about him,” the country singer reveals.

As for the man who attacked Levine while the Maroon 5 singer was busy signing autographs for eager fans, Shelton jokes that it was him who ordered the sugar bomb attack on his friend.

“I felt bad that the guy had to go to jail. I gave him 50 bucks though, so…” Shelton admits with a smile.

While it has yet to be confirmed why Levine’s attacker felt the need to ambush the star, onlookers during the time of the incident report that the sugar-bombing occurred following Maroon 5’s appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on May 6.

Adam was signing autographs for fans, following the group’s performance on the show, before a heaping bag of the substance wafted toward him, according to a source who was in the crowd at the time of the attack.

Onlooker Laura Tijerina told CNN that Levine instantly became angry after realizing half of his body was covered, with one source confirming that the sugar even got in the Maroon 5 singer’s ear.

“It looked like he wanted to fight the guy. I think this guy had it planned. It was a brown bag with tape around it, which was weird. I just saw powder everywhere. It was just so quick.”

Speaking of wanting to fight the suspect, who was confirmed to be a young man in his 30s, Blake admits that he would have struggled showing as much restraint as Adam had in that moment, revealing that he would have “definitely” fought off his attacker.

“I wish whenever they went out of sight or whatever, whenever they dragged that guy over behind the wall, I would have been the guy over there like, kicking him in the nuts, in the stomach, hitting him in the head with a rock or something. I would have definitely stooped to that guy’s level. I’m glad he didn’t do anything like that [to me].”

The suspect in question was instantly tackled by Maroon 5’s security team and arrested on suspicion of battery. Officials have not released the name of the attacker.

Do you think Blake Shelton should have extended his sympathies to the Maroon 5 singer following the sugar bombing incident?

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