Mia Khalifa Discusses WNBA Draft, Baltimore Protests, FSU Football, And Lacrosse


Lebanese adult film star Mia Khalifa has been sharing a lot of her thoughts lately. The hardcore sports fan is happy over the news that former Notre Dame quarterback Everett Golson is now on FSU’s football team.

Khalifa took to Twitter on May 11 to share her thoughts about Golson being recruited by the Florida State Seminoles, according to a previous report, via the Master Herald. The controversial adult film star is also the college’s unofficial mascot.

She announced to her fans that Everett Golson was visiting Florida State University later that day. That could mean the quarterback is considering joining the college’s Seminoles team.

Mia Khalifa also made headlines for speaking out against the WNBA draft. The adult film actress was surprised to hear that the WNBA has a draft, when she thought the organization only hired volunteers. However, the draft has been going on for years and it’s not entirely shocking to hardcore fans of the sport, according to another previous report, via the Master Herald.

That didn’t stop Khalifa from speaking out against the draft on Twitter. Fans of both the sport and the adult film star noted that the actress should refrain on topics that she knows nothing about. Ouch.

That hasn’t stopped her from speaking out on other issues. Mia Khalifa has also urged Baltimore protesters not to destroy the city’s Old Bay garage, which is also known as a national monument. She explained that she grew up in Maryland. Khalifa took to Twitter on April 27 to tell protesters not to touch the city’s iconic monument.

The adult entertainer also shared a photo of the Old Bay garage on her Twitter profile. In her caption, Khalifa wrote that protesters can do whatever damage they want to Baltimore as long as they don’t hurt the city’s national monument.

Some of Khalifa’s fans think that her tweet was a joke about the very serious Baltimore protests that have been happening since April 27. The city’s unrest happened the same day as the funeral of 25-year-old Freddie Grey, who died after being fatally shot by police. Some fans even asked Khalifa why other of Baltimore’s historic monuments don’t matter.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Mia Khalifa has also been sharing her love of lacrosse on the social networking site. She made headlines when she asked her fans to buy her new lax merchandise off her Amazon Wishlist. It must have worked in her favor since Khalifa took to Twitter to share some of her gifts from her followers.

Mia Khalifa created controversy when she made her adult film debut in 2014. In the film, the actress wore a hijab while performing an explicit sexual act. Khalifa caused outrage in the Middle East, including Muslim women. She even received death threats from the Lebanese community.